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It’s very important to have an LBD- you’ll never go wrong with it. I have a lot of black dresses in my closet and they all look different- I have one fit for a specific occasion. Like what my sister said on her Stylized book, you can style an LBD in so many ways- but of course, wearing it alone with touches of nice accessories will do the part. I love this Thii dress because the fabric is different and the design is plain and classy. I like wearing black dresses when I have a day full of meetings- you don’t even have to put that much effort! To give my outfit some colour, I chose to wear this pair of sunnies from Rayban that’s incredibly hard to find. I’m so happy I found it at I Love Sunglasses– they sell tons of authentic sunnies. The medium frames are always sold out because all the girls want a pair, so if you’re looking for one, check them out.

(Rayban sunnies from I Love SunglassesSM Accessories necklace, Thii dress, Roberto Cavalli clutch, Dsquaredheels)

Whenever I know I have a full day of work, I alway bring a laptop with me since blogging has become my main job. I need to answer emails and edit photos all the time- but who wants to bring a big laptop bag around your shoulder all day? It won’t make you look fabulous and will just make your shoulders hurt! Worry no more because there’s Acer Iconia W4! My new friend!

Tada! I’m sure you didn’t expect me having a small tablet/laptop inside this thin clutch, right? Acer Iconia W4 (Windows 8.1 tablet) is only 8 inches with HD resolution using IPS technology so it looks so much sleeker than other netbooks or laptops.

You can use it as a tablet or as a laptop! They have the old windows style so if you’re used to using the old interface (like me when I answer emails), feel free to do so! If you’re the modern type, you can use the new tablet style too.

I can never blog or answer emails using a tablet because I always have to have a keyboard. It’s so hard typing using the screen, don’t you agree? This is why I love Acer Iconia W4- it has a keyboard together with the tablet and has a casing to make it look so professional. When you combine the two, it’s still light and portable!

This tablet-netbook already has 32GB internal storage but you can upgrade the capacity by putting a microSD card. It can be used 8-10 hours without charging it in between- perfect for travels!

It’s very ideal for me so whenever I have overnight trips somewhere, I can just bring this instead of my big laptop so I can still work and play games. Look how I can use it as a tablet when I don’t have to work and use the keyboard. Woot!

The best part? Acer Iconia W4 is only P18,900! I love it. Actually, I think students will make use of this the most since they don’t want to bring bulky gadgets to school everyday. This one can be used for work and leisure and is very affordable too. So happy I finally found a netbook this small and convenient.

If you have any questions about this gadget, the Acer IT doctors are there to help you! They’re up 24/7 on their Facebook Page to help you with all your inquiries and needs. They also have a forum if you want to just read conversations. Check them out and chat with them! You can also visit their website for more information. BMS.

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