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Work and Relaxation in Boracay

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A few weeks ago, I went on a three-day vacation in Boracay. Well, it did feel like a vacation even though I was there for Mac’s trends presentation. It was a wonderful three-day trip to Boracay and we stayed at Shangri-la Resort (my first time to stay there as well). To be honest, I don’t really put on make up, except when I have shoot or events, but when I do, it’s always the same look- just with different lip shades. Not only was my trip one of the most relaxing press trips ever, but I also learned so much about how to achieve all kinds of looks, like the “no make up” make up look and a lot more. Let me share with you what makeup trends and tips I learned during the trip, while including some travel photos I took in between breaks!

Shangri-la Boracay Resort’s breakfast buffet is worth the additional 10 pounds in your body. I’m not a morning person but I woke up extra early everyday to eat their waffles, muesli, bacon and eggs, and a lot more! Happy tummy!!!

Our first day was all about getting ready for the trends presentation, and what better way to prepare than to get a 30-minutes facial massage at The Chi spa!

Sunsets in Boracay are breathtaking.

We all got ready for dinner and can I just say, the set up was amazing. It was like a magical movie set up that came to real life. I also loved their personalized drinks too. Each cocktail represented a lipstick shade from the bar like Candy Yum Yum, Heroine, Sin and a lot more.

Best part of the night? When they launched the smores table. I swear, all the girls (including me) rushed to the table after dinner and ate like there was no tomorrow!

Day two was all about knowing makeup trends and how we can achieve all those with the help and knowledge of Romero Jennings, Mac’s makeup artistry director.

The Creative Eyeliner trend. Romero Jennings explains how it’s all about framing the eye, using black and white eyeshadow to look futuristic. For me, it works best when you have events and if you want to be creative. This definitely isn’t effortless, but with enough courage, you can work this liner trend for sure.

Enlightened and Luminous trend. It’s all about the glow of the skin and the brows- and when I say brows, it’s not your usual thick, precise eyebrows but more on the texture and how it’s being brushed. You can use Mac’s clear brow set to keep your brows neat without having to use any thick eyebrow mascara. A lot of fashion shows last year used oil and sheen to make the models glow. Jennings uses Mac Lightscapade mineralize skin finish to let the model’s features be enhanced. Using the right product makes a huge difference.

The Free Party trend. This one is my favourite because it’s all about being effortless, beautiful and approachable. It plays with colors with no boundaries and no lines. Your make up can be a bit messy, but who cares! It’s all about being fun and free. Mac had a lot of vibrant eyeshadows and lipsticks so feel free to experiment with the shades and colors!

The “No Make Up” make up look. Say goodbye to thick foundations, smokey eyes/ blocky eyebrows and say hello to light, fresh faces. Romero Jennings uses light foundation then gets a piece of cloth after and wipes the cheeks area so there will be a bit of redness on the cheeks, making you guess if she’s wearing foundation or not. The make up should look barely there, meaning you just really have to look for small key points and it’s all a matter of enhancement.

One of Romero Jenning’s favourite products is Mac’s Prep and Prime skin refined zone treatment skin. In short, you will never look and be oily again! Just dab a few on your face when you feel like it’s oily and in a few seconds (I’m not kidding because I tried it myself), you’ll be matte and beautiful again!

After Mac’s trends presentation, we all had lunch and had a make up tutorial on how to apply their newest foundation, Mac pro long wear SPF 20 compact foundation. It lasts up to 15 hours so you can look fresh and beautiful even when you’ve had a long day.

A magnificent sunset view and a buffet dinner with overflowing champagne were the ultimate combination of a perfect farewell dinner. Not only did I learn a lot from this trip, I was able able to meet a lot of new friends. Thank you so much Mac Cosmetics Philippines for inviting me. Until next time! BMS.

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