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Sometimes, if you’re too lazy to think- wearing a mullet skirt can actually be a lifesaver. The dramatic flow of this green to blue printed skirt made the look more feminine and funky. This outfit really isn’t edgy, but I liked it because it felt right. I did a lot of stuff this day so I was very thankful to have worn my new green Ichigo flats. I’m not even kidding when I say they’re so handy- they’re rollable and very easy to bring along. Sometimes flats give you blisters at the back of your feet because they hurt but this one is just pure comfort! I keep them in my car for emergency use. Sometimes, all you need is a pair of simple flats to keep you fashionably comfy.

And can I just say, I didn’t dye my hair ombre style, it was just the effect of the sun and where I was standing. I really want to dye my hair this way though. What do you think? Hmm… BMS.

Monkee Business top
TLTSN necklaces
SM Accessories belt
Chloe bag
Chiz bracelets
Luscious Closet skirt
Ichigo flats

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