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What to do in Vienna, Austria II

What to do in Vienna Austria

I wish I stayed longer in Vienna to actually see everything I wanted to see and have some chill “muni-muni time” in between, but I can’t really complain because Vienna Tourism Board and Austrian Airlines really gave me top-notch treatment during my entire stay. They suggested a few places we could see that’s easily accessible by public transportation (which is almost everywhere) and to be honest, I really enjoyed walking and seeing all the beautiful houses, parks and shops I passed by. Given that it’s my first time in Vienna, I really went touristy mode on almost every single day. I went around taking picture of their streets, visited the Schronbrunn Palace (which is such a grand place) and Prater Amusement Park with good friends. I even got to try their famous fried bread and cheese sausage. Okay, my mouth just watered right now. Dang. Here’s my second travel diary and I hope you guys like it.

Shonbrunn Palace.

Shonbrunn Palace Vienna


This is Vienna’s famous moving carousel and there are real horses that will go around! How cool, right? Sadly they closed down a week before we arrived. Bummer.

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