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What to Do in Helsinki, Finland

This is my third Helsinki (and last) post so I guess you know I loved my experience there. There are so many things you can do in the city and seriously, you learn something new everyday. I was quite surprised with all the facts I was able to gather just by talking to friendly passers by. This blog post is more informative because I’m sharing with you most of the things I did during my one-week stay here.

Say hello to the Helsinki Senate Square. The architecture was designed by Carl Ludvig Engel as a unique allegory of political, religious, scientific and commercial powers in the centre of the city.

First lunch in Helsinki: Juuri. It’s a michelin star restaurant and they serve really delicious coffee and food. It’s right beside Design Museo, which was convenient for us because that was our next stop.  A must-visit: Design Museo. Everything inside is basically all about Finland’s industrial, fashion, and graphic design. I read Nokia’s history and even the game Angry Bird’s rise to fame. Downstairs, they have an area where you can feely draw and color whatever you want to sketch. Dinner time! We ate at Ravintola Nooka and it felt like Nana and I were having a serious date because the place was so chic and classy. I ordered whatever the server recommended (even my fresh drink was recommended by her) and it was delicious! This was taken at 10pm. Yes, the sun was still up at this time. Joni Koro, my Finnish friend (also known as Camille’s blogger jowa hahaha) said that the best season to go to Helsinki really is during summer because everyone’s out and the weather is perfect. Unless you want to see snow and experience the cold weather, go during this time of the year.Shopping time! There are so many design and art shops in Helsinki and when I say a lot, I mean I just wanna buy everything I see. We went to Helsinki Design District at Punavuorenkatu and saw a lot of nice furniture that I wanted to buy but knew I couldn’t bring home with me lol. I ended up buying artworks and home decor instead. So. Many. Nice. Furniture. I. Want. To. Scream. We only found about about the market square on our last day and I wish we knew about this earlier because everything was so affordable! You can buy berries for as low as 4 euros per box (2-3 euros if you know how to haggle) and unique pieces you can bring home as “pasalubongs”.  Savotta— a traditional Finnish restaurant and definitely a must-try if it’s your first time here. When I asked around what their famous dishes are, it’s basically everything you can find in the forest and sea: fish, berries, reindeers (I didn’t have the courage to try this) and bears (didn’t try this too).  If you want to go for happy hour or party at night, go to Siltanen. It’s a hipster place that has a nice balcony and cute bars in one compound. Nana and I went here to chill for a few hours before heading back to our area. And my favorite place to chill: Bar Grotesk. It’s always packed with people 9pm onwards, no fail. We probably went here almost every night to grabe a drink or two before going home. The vibe is cool and the crowd doesn’t go super wild, which I like. Katrina Loring was the best companion on this trip because we both love adventure, fashion, and fun– and we did all of them on this trip. Thank you again #HelsinkiSecret Residences for the invitation. We loved our experience! BMS.

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