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Wake Up and Win P100k + BMS Giveaway

Don’t you just love sleeping? I think everyone does, especially after a long day of school/ work. I usually press the snooze button on my alarm just so I can sleep for a few more minutes, but the problem here is I always get late or miss out on something when I do this routine of mine. I can start talking on and on about how much I love sleeping but I think there’s someone who loves sleeping the most- and no, I’m not talking about Sleeping Beauty. It’s Sammy Snooze. Someone shared it to me on Facebook and I found it interesting that he’s asking people to wake him up using the Nescafé Wake Up App. Okay, so once you download the Wake Up App (it’s free and is available on Google Play and the App Store), Sammy Snooze will be posting wake up challenges on his Facebook page and will be asking the people to use the Wake Up App to help him wake up so that he doesn’t miss out on the important things in his life.

Only the most exciting and creative wake up videos have a chance of winning P10,000 for the weekly challenge! All you have to do is record your creative wake-up video and send your alarm recording to Sammy Snooze and you get a chance to win the grand prize! They’ve already started with a whole set of weekly challenge and you can check them out HERE. Aside from that, the Wake Up App makes the routine of waking up in the morning more exciting, interactive and social, which I find so cool.

The best part is they’ll be having a live event wherein Sammy will be sleeping in the middle of a mall, specifically Glorietta 5 Atrium. Participants of the challenge online and at the venue will be challenged to wake him up one last time. This will happen on October 26 and I’m excited for this. The winner for this contest can get P100,000!

To know more about Sammy Snooze, check out his Facebook profile HERE.

For updates with the latest news on this campaign, check out Nescafé’s Facebook Fanpage HERE.

I’m also hosting a giveaway! Three lucky readers will get a special gift pack from Nescafe. All you have to do is comment on this post and tell me, “what do you need to hear and see in a video to wake you up early for school/ work?”

Don’t forget to leave your full name, email address and Twitter account together with your answer on the comments box! I’ll be announcing the winners in a week or so. Good luck guys. BMS.

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