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UT. You Talk.

UT. You Talk.

Shirts and denim shorts are your best friends this summer season. When the weather is too hot, sometimes I just get too lazy to think and grab a nice graphic tee pair and I’m good! Everyone, and I mean everyone, probably owns a t-shirt that they use over and over again (I’m guilty). I know it’s hard to choose shirts that fit you well, but I think I found mine at Uniqlo.

UT. You Talk. UT. You Talk. UT. You Talk.

I went there a few days ago and got to try some tees from their UT collection. UT, the Uniqlo T-shirt brand was launched in 2003 and it’s all about mastering art, music, film, animation and other pop culture genres from around the planet, into the realm of wear. It’s to empower free expression for your own individuality! And since each and everyone of us has different personalities, Uniqlo has designed tons of shirts in collaboration with several popular artists like Disney, Music Icons, etc. This year, UT is all about powerful prints and colors, patterns and profiles. The final tally? A collection of more than 1,200 pieces!

UT. You Talk.

You might be overwhelmed and you’re probably thinking how you’re going to choose, right? Worry no more because I’ve gathered some of my favourite pieces from the entire collection. The Shochiku Kabuki collectioncarries one of Japan’s most treasured cultural traditions. The design is rooted in Kumadori makeup and patterns of the Kabuki style and it will definitely make you feel like you want to go to Japan! The Disney project collection is one of their most popular shirts every year! This time around the designs are more classic and vintage- plus there’s an extra dose of swag in the characters. The Music Icon line showcases music legends from around the world. I got the Coldplay shirt. Lastly, I’m wearing one from the their movies collection and it’s obvious you know what it is.

Since UT is about empowering free expression and individuality, I, in collaboration with Uniqlo, are giving you a chance to BE SEEN ON THE BIGGEST INSTAGRAM FEED IN EDSA!!! See below what you have to do:

UT. You Talk.

1. Choose any shirt from Uniqlo UT collection, take a picture of yourself and upload it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

2. Choose a UT statement that best speaks to you and use it as your caption. Samples are: One with the yoUTh, support trUTh, be aUThentic, be the fUTure, see beaUTy, have gUTs and be the revolUTion.

3. Use the hashtag #UTYouTalk and tag me and Uniqlo’s social media accounts: Instagram: @uniqlophofficial. Twitter: @uniqloph. Facebook: /

You may upload as many photos as you like! Uploaded photos will be saved in an album in Uniqlo’s Facebook pageand they’ll be the ones to select the photos from the album that will appear in the LED billboard until June 5, 2015. Don’t forget to tag me in your photos! I’d love to see them. BMS.

Posting rules: At least one UT shirt must be included and no other brands should be mentioned. Shirt should be visibly seen so I recommend doing half body photos. No advertisement and selling allowed via pictures, logos, captions and text. No nudity, vulgar statements or anything that may be construed as offensive to the general public. By posting and tagging Uniqlo, and using the official hashtag #UTYouTalk, you are giving Uniqlo royalty-free license to use the photo on or in connection with Uniqlo Graphic T-shirt campaign materials.

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