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Unique Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

unique gift ideas for valentines day

Since we’re already celebrating the month of love, I’m sure we’d all like to make our boyfriend/girlfriend feel extra special- and this doesn’t mean we have to buy them expensive things to achieve that. Sometimes, we appreciate the present and gesture more when you know the person exerted an extra effort to prepare or make something for you. I’ll share with you guys some tips on how you can make your Valentine’s date feel extra loved. These are quirky and slightly romantic things I thought of!

1. Buy a tiny notebook or cut bond/colored papers and make it into a tiny coupon-like notebook (probably 30-50 pages depending on how many pages you’d like to scribble on). Title of the notebook: “Coupons to Use When Needed.” Then scribble as many things and sentences as you can- mix funny notes and love notes. Examples:

“A free McDonald’s Meal when you’re broke and have no money.”
“A big hug when you’re sad (I’ll give you one even if you don’t have this coupon, don’t worry)”
“Two bites of my burger- you know I don’t share my food.”

You know your guy/girl more than I do, so make sure you write notes that will make her laugh and say “awww” at the end!

2. Buy big illustration boards and make an adventure diary for the both you guys. It can be your couple travel journal or even a weekly journal so you can compile all your memorable moments there. Give it to him/her and start by taking a photo of the both of you and the date 02.14.15 can be the start of that wonderful journey. Print it after and make tiny notes once you’ve pasted the photo in your diary.

3. Do the grocery and cook. Remember, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Extra tip: if you can do it outside with a nice set up (like lights, or even music playing in the background), that will be better!

4. Try to remember all the memorable things that have happened during your relationship/dating stage and buy the 10 most memorable items you can think of. Examples:

a. The DVD of your first movie date together.
b. His/her favourite chocolate bar
c. Buy the first set of flowers you ever gave her (if you can still remember that)

Anything that will make her remember all the nice things you’ve done before, include it. he/she will really appreciate the effort!

5. Buy matching things that are not so matching. For example: “Looking for Mr. Perfect” shirt for the girl and “Looking for Mrs. Perfect” shirt for the guy or cute key chains so you guys can bring it all the time.

There are so many things you can do just by exerting that extra attempt to make your special someone feel more loved this Valentine’s Day. Let’s all spread the good vibes and continue spreading love all over the world! And if you’re single, don’t worry- I promise you, the right man will come and then you can do these to him in the future! You shouldn’t be worried too, because once you’ve found the right man for you- the wait will be worth it! BMS.

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