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Traveling with your BFF

Traveling with family is always a great experience for me. There’s always a lesson to be learned when you travel, whether it be for work or leisure. Whenever I visit a new country, I love to meet new people and learning from their culture. To me, traveling is food for the soul.

My family and I all love traveling together. We always make sure we have a yearly getaway trip since we’re all too busy with work back home in Manila. My best trip with them was when we went to Paris last year. It was my first time so I was really excited to go around the city for 10 days. Moments like having dinner at La Entrecote, laughing about random things, and seeing the Eiffel Tower together as a family made it really unforgettable.

The memories that you share and the bond that strengthens your relationship as you all explore a foreign country is what I find most important in every trip. Having the people you love around you and knowing that they’ll always be there when you need them, especially when you’re not in your comfort zone is what makes your travel experience more extraordinary. So just like having your family or your bffs with you when you go on a trip, I also have these Muji To Go items that I consider as my best travel companions.

1. The Neck Cushion. It works as a portable pillow for your neck, lower back and legs. The microbeads follow the shape of your body for a snug and comfy fit. I heard it’s their best-seller too! It’s like having my sister beside me on a long flight because talking to her makes the flight more confortable and stress-free.

2. Hard luggage cases. This one’s my favorite because you can choose a specific size so you don’t have to stress yourself because of having excess baggage because they’re designed to carry enough items for a specific number of travel days. They have four sizes fit for your length of travel dates. Get 10% OFF on all Muji luggage items until August 31. Better yet, buy a luggage and 2 or more selected travel items to get a 15% discount!

3. Hanging bath cases. It’s like my family living in one apartment, it’s more convenient for all of us because we’re all together. Bring all your bath essentials in a compact case! With its built-in hanger, it fits right in your luggage and you can always hang it easily in the bathroom.

4. Mobile Speakers. Just like my brother, we love listening to music. It’s always better to bring foldable speakers with a built-in amplifier for great music effect. Connection cord can be packed neatly away inside the speaker for protection and packing purposes.

5. Handy notebooks and pens. This is a must so I can fill up immigration forms easily and jot down directions and places I’ve gone so I can blog about these experiences and won’t forget anything!

If I were to describe these Muji To Go items, they’re like my family who are my favorite travel companions because they’re reliable, trustworthy and they make the trip more memorable. With Muji To Go , all my trips will be fun and unforgettable for sure!

For more details, visit Muji PH at or follow @MUJI_PH on Twitter. BMS.

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