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Travel Diary: Seoul, Korea I

Seoul, South Korea. We’re finally here!!! After visiting traditional and cultural places in their provinces- now we get to visit the hip and happening places in the metro. I’ve already gone to Myeongdong the first and second time I went here but my heart still drops whenever I go to this place. You can call this place heaven if you love shopping!

They also sell street food in Myeongdong. Actually, you’ll see food stalls scattered everywhere. I tried their barbecue with mayo and peanuts before and it tasted delicious!

As you can see, I already have shopping bags with me! Lol. Us girls went crazy in American Apparel.

Hotdog with bacon. I wanted to try it but I was still full from breakfast. I’ll definitely try it the next time I go back.

In Myeongdong, you’ll find a lot of affordable items and it’s not just clothes they sell there. Most of the shops there are actually beauty shops.

Two guys outside a store playing around with face masks and pink bubble baths. That’s something you don’t see everyday.

I’ve always wanted to try this. It looks so yummy! I’m such an ice cream addict!

We went here during morning so there weren’t many people shopping yet. It took us about an hour and a half before we decided to have lunch somewhere.

After lunch, we visited Lee Moon Won. For those of you who love to take care of your hair and scalp- you’ll absolutely love this place!

The colours of their centre is so pleasant and welcoming. Lee Moon Won is a Korean medical doctor who holds both a doctorate and a masters degree in his field. He’s the founder/ creator of the clinic. They specialize in hair loss and scalp diseases. A lot of us girls love dying our hair, using a lot of iron tools and hair products like hair spray or wax to make our hairstyle look great and as a result, we don’t know it but because of all these things, we damage our hair. Don’t worry, Lee Moon Won is here to help us!

Everyone in our tour group was able to try some of their services, like scalp purification and hair treatments. I actually availed a lot of their services and I can tell you, they definitely know how to make you feel like a queen afterwards!

We were given teas to refresh ourselves while they talk about the background of Lee Moon Won. They showed us a quick powerpoint about how they started and even showed us some of their features internationally. We all saw a quick video of Jessy Mendiola visiting the clinic for ABS-CBN.

Lee Moon Won himself. I feel like a fan asking for a picture beside him! Haha. It was such an honor meeting him because he’s such an expert in this field. Imagine how many people he already helped. It’s honestly life-changing when you fix some of these problems, like hair loss or scalp diseases, for example. You’ll gain more confidence and be optimistic once it’s fixed!

I first tried the scalp purification where they ask you to go inside the room and lie down on a bed. After, they’ll shampoo your hair and use different treatments to eliminate dead skin cell of the scalp by cleansing and scaling your scalp. It also removes all sorts of toxic substances. After they put the treatment in your scalp, you’ll feel a minty and cool feeling, then they start massaging your head (which is the most awesome feeling ever).

Aside from their services, they also sell their own shampoos, conditioners and serums. I got my own serum to help my hair and scalp be healthier.

I also got my hair dyed there and everyone is still complimenting my hair colour up until now. I just asked them to lighten my hair a bit and they got the hair colour I exactly wanted. In short, bongga sila! It’s a bit expensive (it cost around P5,000) but it’s really worth it.

I understand that it might be hard for you guys even if you guys would want to try Lee Moon Won out because they’re based in Korea, that is why they have an online consultation. Yes, you can talk to the doctors directly by scheduling an appointment online and tell them about your hair problems! Cool, right?

Our last agenda for the day: Han River Cruise. It’s located at Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. Wow. A cruise. I feel so lucky! Seriously, thank you AirAsia and Korean Tourism Manila for this trip.

We arrived at around 6:45pm and while walking towards the ferry, I spotted these cool paintings and posts along the way. I’m sure a lot of people go here everyday to chill, eat and drink by the river. I mean, I would do it!

Here’s where you can buy your ticket if ever you want a tour or a buffet dinner cruise. Can I just say, I’m watching the Korean tv show “You Who Came From The Stars” and I’m so addicted. I also watched the episode where they did a dinner cruise and they did it in the Han River Cruise too! I’m so kilig!

I’ve never done a dinner cruise before and the experience was one for keeps! My outfit matched the interiors of the ferry too. The ferry lights at night and I think that’s stunning.

Unlimited food! Woohoo! Everyone ate almost everything that was in the buffet area. The food was great. We also didn’t have wifi inside the ferry, which I think is a wonderful thing because no one was one their phone. Everyone had a good time chatting and bonding.

The wonderful view of Seoul at night. What a breathtaking sight. I can’t wait to show you guys what I did on my last day in Korea. Till my next travel diary! BMS.

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  1. charleane morales
    4 years ago

    my favorite part was the dinner cruise. parang ang sasarap nung mga pagkain talaga. 🙂

    1. Laureen Uy
      4 years ago

      Masarap talaga!!!!

  2. kaye alid
    4 years ago


    1. Laureen Uy
      4 years ago

      Saya ng shopping dito!


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