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Touchdown Kuala Lumpur

I’m taking a break from my London travel posts and will be blogging about my short trip to Kuala Lumpur for now. I went there for three days to watch MTV World Stage MY 2014. When I received an email from them asking if I wanted to attend the concert, I said yes right away! It’s seriously one of the biggest events in Asia! Not only that, I was lucky enough to interview the artists too. Thank you so much MTV Asia for this wonderful opportunity.

Right when we arrived, we went straight to our hotel Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa to check in and meet with the organizers so we can get our media passes. Sunway Hotel is located at Sunway Lagoon and it’s where MTV World Stage MY 2014 was held. It’s a bit far from the city but that’s the beauty of it- you go here to relax and enjoy their Theme Park.

Lunch time! Our first meal happened at Ipoh Chicken Rice Restaurant and all I can say is.. you have to try eating here. Their chicken rice is so authentic! It’s so delicious.

And I’m ready for the day! I’m so excited to know more about the artists and ask what I should be looking forward to this MTV World Stage MY 2014.


Before the interview, I was able to go around the mall that’s beside our hotel for a short while. How convenient right? They have such nice local shops!

The view from Tim Yap’s room. Spot the MTV Stage from afar!

And now it’s time to interview the artists. Look at VJ Hanli and VJ Alan at the back quietly waiting for the room to be packed!

First artist: Boys Republic. Aren’t they so cute? And incredibly stylish too! I asked them if they had a stylist and they do have one for their music videos and shoots. They hired a visual director and get most of their clothes from Beyond Closet. I watched their first music video single “Party Rock” and it’s so nice.

Someone also asked them what makes them different from the other K-pop bands and they said they are very close to their fans. They always give way to reach out to their fans, like going to their graduation and congratulating them personally, or having dinner with some of them. That way, there’s a closer connection with them than just looking up to them.

Second artist: Yuna. She is just the sweetest! Her personality is so amazing. She went inside the room so gracefully and talked to everyone in the most adorable way. She grew up in Malaysia and still goes back here every time she can because family and friends mean a lot to her- she also shares that she still gets teased by them or still get called names, and she’s fine with it because she is still that old Yuna. I swear, she’s so down-to-earth! She said she always tries to put her music in different kinds of songs, sort of like putting her voice in a jigsaw puzzle to know if it can work or not. When asked what are her feelings knowing that she’ll play in Malaysia, she said performing in Kuala Lumpur feels like she’s performing for her family. She’ll also be performing with her local bandmates (she grew up making music with them) so she’s very excited about that. Her music is so unique and her voice is amazing, you have to watch her music videos. You’ll definitely get goosebumps.

Third artist: B.o.B.. I don’t need to explain who he is, right? Beautiful Girls, Airplanes, Magic and Nothing On You are some of his greatest hits! It was also the funniest and most entertaining interview I’ve ever attended! People were asking him things like, “Did it ever happen to you- while you were singing and you pulled a girl up on stage and it turns out she actually doesn’t look like how she was when she was in the crowd?” Haha! Aside from the funny answers, he also shared that he’s into producing artists. He says that a good mix, frequently wise is like a puzzle. Everything has to be clear. You can stack two basses together but it has to sound good.

Nowadays, there are a lot of artists collaborating with EDM artists because EDM is going mainstream now. Someone asked him if he has any plans collaborating them and if he sees himself coming out with an EDM track and he said he might. Also, if he could bring someone back from the dead, it would be Tupac. Boy band Thaitanium also performed but sadly I wasn’t able to interview them. But I’ll be blogging about their performance so don’t worry!

Hello MTV stage! Be ready for the thousands of people ready to go wild!

I had such a wonderful time interviewing all the artists! I also had a great time at the MTV World Stage MY 2014 but I’ll be sharing that with you guys on my next post.

During our last day, Tim, Sean and I went to the city for lunch before heading to the airport.

While walking inside their mall in Sunway Lagoon, we spotted this area dedicated for the MH370 and MH17 passengers. We’ll never forget about these.

For lunch, Tim introduced me to his good friend Anthony Tan and we said we wanted to try authentic Malaysian food so he brought us to Lot 10. It’s a shopping mall in Bukit Bintang and their food court is one of a kind. They gathered all the best street food, legitimized, made the food clean and put them all here. Cool, right?

I wanted to try everything that was inside this food store!!!!

Tim and I deciding what we should order first. When Anthony and his girlfriend Chloe (who’s a food blogger) arrived and they did all the ordering for us- we ended up having the best meal ever!

MTV Asia provided a car shuttle for us to get to the airport from Sunway Lagoon but since I was in the city already, I decided to just use Grab Taxi. Grab Taxi, also known as My Teksi in Malaysia, is an automated location based smartphone booking platform. They have an app you can download and it’s safer to use than just hailing a cab. Once you open the app, it automatically locates where you are and you can see all the grab taxis near you. It’s very convenient and easy to use too- plus it’s available here in the Philippines!

Thank you so much MTV Asia for inviting me to attend the concert. I had such a blast and it was nice seeing you guys again. You guys are seriously the best! Special thanks to Tim Yap and Sean Go for making my trip an unforgettable one. More about the actual happening during MTV World Stage MY 2014 soon. BMS.

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