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Thun and Bern, Switzerland

These two cities in Switzerland are super memorable (aside from its history and culture which I’ll be sharing below)because you can insert “Thun” and “Bern” in a song and make it part of the lyrics. Lol. You can watch my adventure on my Youtube channel by clicking HERE so you’ll get what I’m saying. Anyway, the train ride from Zurich to Thun is only an hour and a half away and instantly you have a different vibe already.

We stayed at Spedition Hotel and there’s an incredible restaurant at the lobby that you should definitely try. The rooms are so cozy and beautiful and it’s super near the shopping district with a nice view of the Thun Castle too.

We visited the design studio of Sabine Portenier, located at Scheibenstrasse 6, 3600 Thun, Switzerland. Her designs are so incredible it made me want to buy a lot of items! Sadly, we weren’t able to meet her in person because she was sick but at least we got to visit her shop!

Spot the Thun castle behind me!

Next up: Konzepthalle6, right beside Sabine Portenier’s studio, is this amazing concept store that had a lot of things happening inside. It’s a furniture shop / office so you see people scattered around having their own desks in the middle of the shop. You go a bit further and so you a mini hall in the middle where they have concerts time to time, and at the back end, you see a mini bar and a restaurant. Cool, right?

The following day, we transferred to Bern, which is the capital of Switzerland, and toured around the old city— a UNESCO world heritage. We were able to see the old cathedral, the location of where Einstein used to live, and a lot more.

We had lunch with a few local food bloggers and they mentioned so many good brunch places in Bern that made my mouth water so much. Yep, we talked about food during lunch. That’s what matakaw people do. Lol.

Check out this bakery! They get breads from shops that don’t get sold on the same day and then they sell them the following day. Not freshly baked, but it’s cheaper and definitely more affordable for people who want to save up.

One of the highlights of my trip: touring around the Parliament building of Switzerland with a national council member Mattias Aebischer. GRABE DIBA. What an unforgettable experience. We spent most of our time inside the upper chamber, sometimes referred to as the senate. Someday, hopefully, the Philippines government offices will be as high-tech as this one.

Hello Mattias Aebischer!

There are so many amazing views in Bern. I definitely enjoyed my time here. Too bad I was only there for one day. Dibale, bawi ako next time!!! I wanna go back! Lol. More of my trip soon on the blog. BMs.

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