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SM Accessories mini make up kit
The cutest kit I’ve even seen that I can just bring everywhere. It’s complete with mirror and brush holders. And it’s only P220.00.

Neutrogena BB cream
It’s actually my first time using a BB cream (thank you Camille for introducing it to me). It originated from Korea- now you know why Koreans have smooth skin. Now, instead of using moisturizer + foundation, I just use this and put little make up when going out. Seriously, it makes your skin smoother and lighter.
Memo Tube
Too busy to write things down? Your post its/ reminders get lost? Worry no more because this cute, personal handy video note can be brought everywhere! Make sure you won’t forget anything. If you need someone to remind, you can just stick it in your fridge because it has a built in magnet too. It’s actually a cute tool too- imagine your partner waking up and you left a video note for her for “wala lang” purposes!
K-Palette Eyebrow liner and Eyeliner
My favorite! Does your eyeliner always smudge? Is it always messy after a night out? Does it look weird after a few hours? Then you need this K-Palette eyeliner (they’re only available in Beauty Bar stores)! Tried and tested- this waterproof eyeliner is amazing. It’s actually one of the top-selling eyeliners in Japan. I’m really an addict for eyeliners so this is really useful for me. It lasts for one day so if you have this, you don’t need to retouch all the time.
I’ve actually gotten a lot of tweets and emails about my eyebrows- this work wonders too. It’s also water resistant and it’s translucent ink helps avoid the common problem of “over-darkened” eyebrows. Then after I use this, I just put on Mac’s GirlBoy brow mascara.
Now, this K-palette isn’t only for eyeliners, you can use it as a henna tattoo also. Now that summer is near, you might want to try this so you can have different hennas everyday while on the beach. I only did this drawing in one minute- looks it!! I tried being artsy- but I guess I’ll just stick to blogging haha. BMS.

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