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I know I like to share random stuff I find wonderful to use, and here I go again! These are some of the items I’ve truly found amazing in the past few weeks. New on my make up kit: Big Easy from Benefit Cosmetics. Their tagline really got me: Bigger than BB! They have a multi-balancing complexion perfector that contains ingredients that help balance moisture and oil control. How cool is that! It’s a liquid to powder make up, meaning you don’t have to use two separate products (foundation and powder) to hide those blemishes and keep yourself from looking fresh all the time! Of course I don’t have to explain Porefessional anymore, I’ve already talked about it on my previous posts and even copied Spy Gal- the main character of Porefessional.

The most beautiful blingy laptop casing from DC Shoppe. I remember getting tons of blingy phone cases from them and I’ve upgraded! Laptop na ngayon! Hahaha. Seriously though, I’m sure you all love to accessorise your gadgets, so why not make your everyday laptop beautiful too? It’ll catch a lot of attention for sure! You can have your cases customised with your names too, I’m sure, just like how they do it in their phone casings.

How often do you charge your phone? Twice? Thrice? I use my phone all the time to tweet, instagram, check emails, answer calls- basically I’m ALWAYS on my phone and by the time it’s 12nn, my phone’s already dead- so I make sure I have a power bank that can charge my phone multiple times in one day. Thanks to Stars Avenue’s power bank, you’ll always get updates from me because my phone will never die.

Cute ribbon casing from DC Shoppe. I told you their phone casings are gorgeous!

Don’t you just love my pink Sony Xperia Z1C? Everyone always asks me about my phone because it’s so cute and girly! Anyone who’s a fan of the color pink would want this phone. Anyway, it’s really hard to find a nice casing for my phone, that’s why I’m really happy I found these lime and pink casings from Widget City. I got the two immediately after I saw it online.

I’m not a fan of bumper casings even if I like the rubber because I always want the back of my phone covered (I’m such a klutz and I always get my phone scratched) so I’m really happy this one has a clear cover. If you visit Widget City, they really have a cool collection of items, not just casings but gadgets like cameras, game consoles, tablets and a lot more for a low price! Check them out HERE.

Sunnies from Stars Avenue. I find it hard to look for a pair of sunnies that fits me well, and I’m sure you all know the feeling. However, these two pair of shades for some reason can fit anyone’s face so well. It can look good on anyone! Polarized sunnies are still in, and since I lost my blue aviators, I’m so happy this arrived. Woot! That’s it for now, but I’m sure I’ll be sharing a lot more again soon. BMS.

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