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The Real Thing

I know I don’t normally blog about food a lot- but in times when I know I have to share something really exciting to my readers, I do. It’s about Lucky Me! Special’s Pancit Palabok. A few days ago, I came home from work and was surprised that someone sent me a “bilao”.

Now, when you see this kind of bilao, you know that it’s palabok. Excited to eat it, I opened it right away only to see that the bilao was full of instant packs of Pancit Palabok from Lucky Me! Special. I wasn’t aware that there’s a product like this in the market, so I was really happy that Lucky Me sent it.

The packaging looked so enticing so I cooked one for myself. The procedure was so fast, in a bowl, put the pancit, add boiling water, and cover for 4 minutes. Afterwards, drain the water and add the flavor. Of course, it won’t be complete without calamansi and boiled egg!

When I took the first bite, I was very, very impressed. Actually, impressed is an understatement because the pancit palabok tastes like the authentic palabok dish. Every bite just made me more and more satisfied. It was unbelievable how it tastes like the real thing. It captures the scent, the flavor and even the look of an actual palabok. It even has real chicaron bits. Amazing.

I actually grew up eating Lucky Me products and I’m always surprised how they how come up with new ideas to make us Filipinos love their products more. Lucky Me! Special’s Pancit Palabok is definitely a must-try. BMS.

A must-try:
Lucky Me’s Pancit Palabok

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