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Carlos Concepcion
Birthday: February 8 1984
Education: University of Asia and the Pacific
Occupation: freelance stylist/ writer/ designer/ blogger
Interests: Personal style, eccentricities, awkwardness, creative geniuses, beautiful things, reading, wakeboarding, running marathons!
Can be found: everywhere and anywhere that inspires and has no boundaries!
Im a slave to: dreaming, trying new things and pushing limits!
Quote: building memory after memory… never stop… never standstill… always moving… always growing… always going.
Idols: James dean, Marlon brando, Pelayo diaz
Future: parsons graduate and big time designer who travels the world helping other people build their dreams then will one day dissappear into an unkown location living a simple life!
Laureen Uy
Birthday: October 9 1989
Education: University of Asia and the Pacific (Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, with a Professional Certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications)
Occupation: Entrepreneur (co-owner of Stylebreak ) and blogger, contributed for several magazines as a stylist
Interests: fashion, fashion and fashion
Can be found: everywhere
Quote: “fashion is nothing without style.”
Idols: Kate Moss, Anna Dello Russo, Rumi Neely
Plans in the future: retire early and travel all over the world

Bobby Sangalang
Birthday: June 24, 1987
Education: Ateneo de Manila University ’08 (BS Management)
Occupation: Brand Marketing
Interests: Fashion, Photography, Art, Sports
Can be found at: Malls and Various Restaurants
Quote: “Style fills the gap between how you see yourself and how you want other people to see you.” –Scott Sternberg (Applies for everything, not just clothes!)
Idols: Scott Sternberg, Kanye West
Plans in the future: Growing our menswear business (plain + simple) and traveling all over the world!website:

Patti Grandidge
Birthday: January 8, 1987
Education: Pepperdine University, Malibu CA 2005-2009
Occupation: Entrepreneur/Model, Owner of Sweet Patti Cakes
Interests: Food, fashion, travel, health
Can be found: In the kitchen; I’m a slave to cupcakes
Quote: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams
Idols: Oprah Winfrey, Candace Nelson, Cindy Crawford, Beyonce
Plans in the future: To take a foodie trip all around the world & host a dessert television show
Website:  |

Lissa Kahayon
Birthday: November 30, 1989
Education: De La Salle University – Manila 2010, Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science, Major in Organizational and Social Systems Development
Occupation: Fashion Assistant, co-owner of online store
Interests: photography,fashion, reading, soccer
Can be found at: I’m usually at the mall because of work- non stop sourcing and pull outs!
Quote: The more thankful you are, the more blessed you’ll be.
Plans in the future: Travel around the world
There is a surplus of talented individuals who are in need of a proper platform to share their ideas and creativity with the rest of the world. If there is one thing the Philippines can be proud of is our ingenuity and creativity. This is where steps in. It is a simple and basic site that wants to encourage young individuals to express who they are and flex their skills by sharing to everyone their point of views in regards to fashion, style, beauty and growing up…..

To view more photos and read the entire article, go to: (only reblogged this from his website)

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