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The Gold Standard

Being healthy is a must. As a person, I try to be as fit as I can because who doesn’t want to look good, right? Sadly, I don’t get to exercise all the time because of my busy schedule but when I do, I love to box and jog. I actually love jogging at UP Diliman during night time. There aren’t as much people running and it’s also more breezy at night, but it’s still open air and due to exposure to pollution and chemicals, my hair gets damaged. After a while, I noticed that my hair isn’t a vibrant as it used to be, so I tried looking for a solution. I can’t even count how many hair products I’ve tried just so they can help me solve my hair problems, but none of which was able to help me- until I tried Pantene. It’s the key solution to damaged hair. When I used their product, I noticed that it helped restore my hair, making it more healthy and shiny. In short, Pantene hair is healthy hair.

For me, the true testament of healthy hair is when you notice that certain glow and moisture of it. I used to not care about the products I use and just use whatever but when your scalp gets itchy or begins to get split ends- it really won’t make you look fabulous. At the end of the day, it’s all about entire package- your outfit, hair, make up, etc should all work hand in hand. Before, I would just always put my hair in a bun because I didn’t want people to see my lifeless hair, but with the help of Pantene Nature Care, I was able to have my smooth hair back that is full of life. It gave me the best results so I’ll definitely stick to this one. I actually just finished a shoot last week and after the last layout, my hair was all frizzy and dry because of the hair style. When they sprayed water on my hair, put Pantene nature care leave on creme and blow dried my hair- it was super smooth and straight after. So what did I do? I went out that night to show off my hair! Haha. It was so funny because one of my close friends couldn’t stop touching my hair and she just kept saying, “it’s so smooth” over and over again. A lot of people actually noticed that my hair looks better now, so I’m super happy. Not only will you look good after using it, but it actually gives you a boost in your confidence level too. Now that’s what I call the Pantene Gold Standard.

Tell me what your Pantene Golden shots are and you too can show off your healthy hair. The Golden Shots Museum will help you guys show off your beautiful and healthy hair. Showcase your shots! Just go to their application HERE. Go and create a gallery now! I’ve tried the all new best ever Pantene and got the Pantene gold standard in hair health, do you? BMS.

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