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The Ginza, Japan

A trip to Japan is always a good idea. Every time I visit this busy city, I find myself exploring new streets, always looking out for new local designers and brands to discover. This trip is extra special because I got to meet new people (travellers like me) at the most random moments, I also found my new favourite sushi place (I posted it on Instagram), and I got to discover THE GINZA, a cosmetics line of Shiseido that’s only sold in Japan. We visited the headquarters located at Ginza (of course) and their building honestly makes me feel like I’m inside an art museum!

I got to know more about the brand, why it’s a bit expensive and why it’s worth buying. In this world today, we really need to take care of ourselves better because there’s just too much pollution and toxins out there that will basically make our bodies weak and our skin waaaay too dirty. This is the reason why THE GINZA not only focuses on looks of the skin, but also focuses on healthy skin. All the products are good for all skin types because its main function is to protect body organs (I know, sounds weird but you’ll understand why in a few minutes).

The special ingredients are:

1. Their humidity censor that can detect your skin type and your skin’s state wherever you are— so whether you’re in a cold or tropical country, it’ll adjust to the humidity, giving your skin the best possible moisture. It aims for your skin to stabilize no matter what condition you’re in.

2. They only use Italian cold spring water as the water base for their products that equilibrates the skin condition and to maintain the high quality ingredients. How classy!

3. Their aroma. They use Western lime tree + herbs that would make you feel ridiculously de-stressed after a long day of work. The scent inside the products trigger the brain to be more relaxed. The more relaxed you are, the easier it is for your skin to regenerate.

I got to try THE GINZA’S Hybrid Gel Oil that can be used for the face and body. It’s about YEN25,000 for 100ml but works like wonders. This product is basically an essence. This water-based gel contains high quality argan oil and other two kinds of oil which is capsulized with special technology. When you spread the product on your skin with circular motion, it feels light and it enhances the blood circulation. I tried it on my hand and while other oil based products remain sticky and think after applying, this one leaves your skin non-sticky, smooth and very glowing. They have several instructions on their website so you know how to apply it properly on your face, arms and legs. I’ve been using it for about a week now and really saw the changes on my skin. Now it looks healthier. Sometimes, I use before applying on makeup. Since I don’t use foundation/ powder, my skin looks a bit dewy on some parts and it’s awesome! If you have swollen or saggy skin, try this product.  Side note: If you love fresh scents, you’ll love the Serge Lutens’ L’eau Serge Lutens bottle. I wanted to visit THE GINZA’S flagship store but sadly, it’s under renovation and will be open early next year. At this moment, the shop is temporally open on the 3rd and 4th floor of the building. Also, the Duty Free on 11th in Takashimaya Shinjuku is the one you can visit. You’ll be so overwhelmed with all the products there. They have an elevator that goes all the way to the 11th floor— no other stops. The beauty demonstrator told me exactly how to apply the Hybrid Gel Oil on my arms and I felt like I wanted to just sleep and relax right then and there haha. If only there wasn’t anybody who’ll judge me.

I won’t go into much detail but what makes THE GINZA COSMETICS different from other brands is their concept and philosophy. Plus, their only available in Japan. They only have 14 products in total because you don’t really need much to put on your face and body to have really good skin. Next time you go to Japan, make sure to check out their products. You won’t regret it.  Visit THE GINZA’s website to know more about their products.

Click HERE to know where in Japan they’re located. 

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