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Now that summer’s here, I’m sure everyone is planning to go to the beach. Here are some items that I recommend for you guys to bring. I remember the last time I went to the beach- I really wasn’t prepared- I forgot to bring my headphones so I was very bored in the plane the entire time and tanning under the sun wasn’t as fun. I also left my sun block (a big no-no, I know) so I really had a bad sun burn. Oh, and I forgot my sunglasses so I was squinting the entire time. It’s really better to pack in advance and prepare all your stuff. Now, I’m beach ready and I’d like to share to you guys what I think are some of the things you really need to bring with you this summer.

Rayban sunnies are the bomb, especially the blue flashlens. I think everyone wants to have a pair.

Another Belle De Jour surprise box. If you subscribe to them, they send you a surprise box monthly with lots of products inside.

Look at all the nice goodies inside! They send it in mini sizes as well so if you can try it first and if you like it, you can actually purchase the product. This is really a perfect way to surprise yourself every month.

Vaseline healthy sunblock and healthy white lotions. I’m sure a lot of people are going to the beach, so try using Vaseline’s three-in-one lotion, it helps you prevent getting sun burnt and at the same time moisturizes the skin as the same time.

Mac’s Archie’s Girls Collection. OMG- these color palettes are perfect for summer. I personally love Daddy’s Little Girl lipstick. Also, I love Mac’s Viva Glam shade- Nicki 2. Did you know all proceeds from the Viva Glam line goes to MAC aids fund? I love Mac.

LipSense is a unique and patented long-lasting, kiss-proof lipcolor unlike anything else you’ve ever heard about or tried! LipSense isn’t a lip stain- it’s layerable for a custom color to match your outfit. It will not dry out your lips when used properly with one of our companion shea butter glosses. Cool, right?

I love these purple and pink satin pillow cases from Lady Satin. For those who are looking for pillow cases, these are the best ones I can recommend. You can even use it on the beach- the sand doesn’t stick even if it’s wet. Plus, They’re very comfy when you put your head over it- feels like you can fall asleep instantly. I love it! Quality and quantity.

You’d want to listen to music while roaming around the beach right? What’s better than having your headphones as part of your ensemble? Look at these lovely head phones from Anagon. They’re so light and pretty!

Personalized casings from Phoebe’s Merchandise so you’ll know where your phone is right away. I love how they customized my phone and matched it with my personality. I love the bling and I love the beach casing too- perfect for summer.

Rayban sunnies
Belle De Jour Box
Vaseline lotions
Mac make up products
LipSense lipcolor
Lady Satin pillow cases
Anagon flower headphones/ headband
Phoebe’s Merchandisepersonalized casings

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  1. Aisha
    5 years ago

    I love this, so charming, and fauohmrse! I am obsessed with all things fauohmrse, I know you would call it cottage, and I agree with that too ((:also could be used for salt and pepper, with napkins.. I think I may have to get hubby right on it for me. thank you for sharing.hugs-gina


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