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Strip It All Off

Strip is I think the most comfortable, amazing waxing experience I’ve ever had.  It’s located in 4th floor, Greenbelt 5 and 2nd floor, Serendra. The interiors are so nice and they have the friendliest Striperellas (yes, their waxers are called striperellas). Speaking of striperellas, they undergo 2 months of waxing bootcamp from Singapore trainers.

Right beside Strip is Browhaus, a threading salon for eyebrows. How convenient.

They have a guidebook for first timers and why they shouldn’t be scared to try Strip. Seriously, their wax doesn’t even hurt your skin and they leave your skin hairless and flawless.

Their waiting area is filled with features about Strip.

Once you enter your private room, you’ll see this right away. They use different flavors for different areas depending on the sensitivity of your skin. They use use wild berry and chocolate wax for sensitive areas (brazilian area/underarm/face) and lavander wax for big areas (arms/legs etc). Special wax for brazilian virgins is strawberry wax.

Strip ads are so witty as well. No wonder they’re known all over the world. One of their stripologie is HSQ:

HYGIENE– they give you a hygiene pack before you start and they never use a stick again once it touches your skin.
SPEED– it’s over and done within 15 minutes
QUALITY– the best wax for you with thei customized organic wax

And because STRIP loves BMS..

They are giving my readers 50% OFF on brazilian wax if you bring a friend to Strip so both of you can enjoy the experience at 50% off. All you have to do is like this post, mention my blog and the word “STRIPERELLA” at Strip.

**Period from September 27-October 31, 2011 only. Happy waxing! BMS.

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