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Skinny Sweets

A few weeks ago, I got a package from Skinny Sweets. They deliver yummy but guilt-free desserts!  I didn’t wanna believe that there can be desserts that are good and non fattening at the same time until I tried Skinny Sweets.

Yummy red velvet cake pops in white chocolate cover that they sent me. SO YUMMY.

Red velvet cake pops in dark chocolate coating. P50.00 per cake pop. It’s for vegan people- no sugar added and it’s so delish.

S’mores cupcakes. P75.00 per piece and it’s for vegan too.

“Because every girl dreams not of finding the perfect man, but of being able to eat whatever she wants without gaining weight.”

Check their FACEBOOK and TWITTER to check their menu.

For orders and inquiries, email them at

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  1. Mrs. Kolca
    6 years ago

    S’mores cupcakes at P750 per piece? Waahhh.. ginto?!

  2. Belle
    6 years ago

    gulat din ako sa 750php per piece.. maybe a typo? baka 75 lang. 🙂

  3. Belle
    6 years ago

    i’ve checked on their FB

    “S’MORES CUPCAKES- P450 for a box of 6 cupcakes”

    so 75 nga per piece. natypo lang siguro.

  4. pinkmate
    6 years ago

    these look yummy!!! I want some! thanks for sharing!


  5. Denise
    6 years ago

    This is heaven! Eating what you love with no worries! Definitely considering looking for vegan desserts now 🙂

    xx à la mode

  6. Aki No Yuutsu
    6 years ago

    I definitely need to go get something to eat…

  7. Laureen Uy
    6 years ago

    My mistake- it’s P75.00 per piece!! Sorry guys xx


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