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I’m very happy to share with you guys my latest purchase- this pair of Jimmy Choo anouk pumps! I love it!! And I love how it’s so convenient to get it from USA 2 Everywhere. No, they’re not an online shop- they’re a shipping company. I always get a lot of emails asking me about my purchases from international online shops like Eranzi, Romwe, Ssense, Luisa Via Roma and more. The usual questions are always, “Do you have to pay additional fee for shipping and tax?” and “Do you have to get it from the post office and pay an extra amount?” Now, there are some online shops that deliver straight to your house, but more often than not, they usually get stopped at customs for checking purposes and so you can pay tax. That makes it iffy for some people to shop from international online stores. Let me introduce to you the wonder of USA 2 Everywhere.

Usually people research and go to online shops to find unique pieces they can wear to events, parties or even just to find gifts for their special someone. For those of you who love to shop online but find it inconvenient because you have to go through a long process (going to customs, waiting for a long time to get your package, paying an extra amount aside from shipping fee, etc)– then you’ll love this website. USA 2 Everywhere is shipping made easy. Unlike customs or the post office where they have to send a notice to your house after getting the package.. Whether it be clothes, gadgets, furniture or whatever items you’ll order- they ship it straight to your place in just a matter of 7-10 days depending on your purchase. Mine was delivered 6 days after my order form! Here’s how I ordered mine: I went to the Jimmy Choo website and got the link of the item I wanted to buy, go to USA 2 Everywhere’s website and registered.

After registering, I created an account information sheet so whenever I’ll order, I won’t have to send in a new sheet every time. Then I created a shopping request and placed the link there with the total amount purchase. That’s it!!! They’ll be the one to order for me, pay on my behalf, get the package for me and deliver it straight to my house! All you have to do is give them the link of your desired purchase and add a little amount of money for shipping. I hate the hassle of going through the process so this is really convenient for me. Plus, since some online shops do not deliver straight to the Philippines, USA 2 Everywhere can be your bridge to that problem! Cool, right?

Their shopping fee is $15 dollars or 10% of the total amount- whichever is higher. It really takes away that hassle of you going through all the process just to get your package at your door step. With USA 2 Everywhere, you can just give them the link of your purchases, pay them and that’s it! Oh, and this is the best part- If you create an account on their website, you automatically get $2.50 off and another $2.50 for the tracking details. It’s shipping and shopping made easy. So if you have any items from anywhere in the world you’d like to order, they’re the best! BMS.

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  1. Jackie
    5 years ago

    I registered as per the website’s instruction but I can’t find the link to “create a shopping request”. 🙁

    1. admin
      5 years ago

      Oh no… 🙁 Maybe you can ask instructions?

  2. B
    5 years ago

    Shopping fee is okay but the shipping cost is quite expensive.


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