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I will be joining the Supersale bazaar this November 4-6 at the World Trade Center. Be VERY excited as I will be selling almost half of the items in my closet there and a few Stylebreak pieces. Just a few “Laureen’s special items” that I will be selling:

What you’re going to expect- a lot of Topshop, Zara, H&M, Mango, A|X, Forever 21, Old Navy and many more brands. Aside from clothes, I’ll also be selling accessories and shoes.

The best thing about it? All my clothes will be P499.99 below! Yes, you heard me right. I will be having items priced at two for P150.00, P100.00, two for P300.00, etc. Crazy, crazy items await you guys.

“Laureen’s Special Items” are my top 20 picks from my closet which I think are the most fabulous. I’ll be having a special rack for these babies.

I might not be there on Friday (will tweet if I can go), but I’ll be there Saturday-Sunday manning my booth. Please, do not wait until Saturday to drop by because you’ll definitely miss out on a wonderful shopping experience. So hurry, go to the Supersale Bazaar this Friday, choose your best pick/s and hopefully come back on Saturday so I can meet you! BMS.

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