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Shoe Fetish

The Little Things She Needs (TLTSN) flats
Wouldn’t you want to have your own pair of bright and floral flats? The ribbon accent is so girly and nice!! One thing you don’t know about TLTSN is their flats are two for P1,199 only!

Feet for a Queen green/black and Schu brown flatforms
If you can’t walk in heels all day but you want to look tall, you can opt to wear flatforms. They’re about 2.75-3 inches tall and you’ll still feel comfortable (and tall) all day.

Kandi Treats x Posh Pocket Shoes bowtie flats
I love this pair of flats. The yellow + pink combination is so pleasant. You can detach the ribbon and use it as a bowtie to your polos. I love collaborations like this!

The Little Things She Needs (TLTSN) flats
I just find these plain flats so adorable- the colored linings make the pairs look so chic. I highly suggest you get yourself a pair of denim flats this summer to spice up your look. By the way, I did tell you about the 2 for P1,199 pair of flats right? Well, most of the flats now are 40% off! You heard me right, their flats are only P300+ now! Get your own before everything gets sold out. (available in Robinsons Galleria and Eastwood Citywalk)

Schu open toe flats
If you’re going to the beach, grab these summer flats. If you want to show off your polished nails, these are perfect. Actually, they’re also a better alternative for slippers if you plan to get your toe nails polished. This way, your feet will still look pretty while your nails dry up. BMS.

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