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Selfie Moment

Selfie Moment

A few weeks ago, I hosted the Sunsilk Hairkadaoke Party with Frank Briones at Red Box Greenbelt 3. I wouldn’t call it an event, it was more like a party because everybody was just really having fun singing with unlimited food and drinks. Around 8 rooms were filled with energetic people singing to their favourite songs and it was the perfect time to launch Sarah Geronimo’s new single, Selfie Moment. Every moment was a #SunsilkSelfieMoment during the party!

Selfie Moment Selfie Moment Selfie Moment

The Selfie Moment music video features Sarah Geronimo doing surprise selfies to her fans during their dance practice, a birthday party and even a regular after-school hangout. With her hair that stayed smooth and fragrant, Sarah’s fans took the opportunity to capture the moment by taking selfies with the Pop Princess and her Sunsilk hairkada.

Selfie Moment

I went to all the rooms to introduce Sarah’s new music video and took selfies with everyone after. I also met the Popters and their positive energy was so infectious! I had such a great time during the party. Click HERE to watch Sarah Geronimo’s music video or watch it below:

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to know more about Sunsilk’s smooth and manageable range. BMS.

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