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Road Trip

(Sunnies Studios shades, H&M top, American Apparel shorts, Topshop shoes)

Road trip!!! I wanted to do a weekday getaway since I had a free day and what better way to enjoy it the full experience more is to drive your own car, put down the windows and listen to good music. Oh yeah! I have to admit, I haven’t driven for a long time, so the feeling was extraordinarily amazing. The best part? I got to drive the Toyota All New Yaris. It’s so compact and trendy- it really suits any fashionista’s lifestyle! I brought a lot of stuff with me because the Yaris’ back door opens really wide. It’s more spacious than other cars I’ve ridden in. I stayed overnight at a resort in Batangas so I was technically six hours on the road (to and from) but didn’t feel any hassle because it was so comfortable driving the car. Everyone has a different style and this car can fit your everyday style. It’s fuel efficient and I didn’t have a hard time parking anywhere because it’s compact! Girls will love this car! Aside from driving it outside the city, it’s also super convenient driving around Metro Manila because of its size and fuel efficiency. And can I mention my favourite part of the car? It has a USB port near the radio so you can charge and listen to your music from your phone. Oh yeah! If you’ve seen my blog post before (you can read it HERE), I’ve already mentioned that it cops the right balance between sharp edges and smooth surfaces, expressing the car’s personality of being a fashion forward car. Thank you Toyota for letting me test drive the All New Yaris. Personally, I think we’re a match made in heaven.

Check out their website and follow them on Facebook. BMS.

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