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(Glazey Mode accessories, Guess apparel, Jimmy Choo bag/ shoes)

I immediately saw this ombre pants while window-shopping and the style and color really stood out among the rest. My personality is always leaning towards edgy, dark pieces but this one really got my heart beating so fast! I really find this color so light in the eyes, and it’s such a nice pair of pants to match with this sweater. It’s been raining recently and you know, you don’t always have to wear gloomy clothes during rainy season. Try wearing light colored jackets and sweaters to keep your mood light and happy, like these pieces from Guess. What I like about this ensemble it makes my look casual but still chic at the same time- I guess wearing heels helped a lot! When I wear colorful pieces, for some reason I get inspired to work harder and reward myself after a long day whether it be me attending meetings/ events, doing draft articles or even just working out.

Speaking of inspiration, I just want to thank you guys for always inspiring me to do something new and out of the ordinary. The reason why I try to experiment on clothes is so I can share with you guys my take on fashion, and you guys just don’t know how rewarding it is every time I get comments/ fan mails from my readers. I know it’s an effort to actually type and send me comments (and even likes on my Instagram posts) so thank you guys! Being in the fashion industry has always been rewarding for me- I get to travel many times for work and it’s such a wonderful experience, get freebies from some stores, etc.

Since we’re talking about rewards (and I’m sure a lot of people like being rewarded), let me share with you guys the wonders of the BDO Rewards Card. It’s actually a program that rewards its members for things they normally do anyway, so it’s like a win-win situation! Let me elaborate more; when you do bank transactions like simply maintaining a small balance, using your BDO ATM debit card to pay for purchases, or presenting your Rewards cardto the cashier of SM and it’s retail partners, you get points that you can use to shop. The more points you earn, the higher the level you will be in! Since we do these things regularly anyway, why not get something out of it too? Aside from that, you get perks and privileges that increase as you achieve a higher membership level. BDO Rewards Card is the only card that keeps on giving, rewarding you for all your purchases. Isn’t this awesome? BMS.

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  1. Lourine
    4 years ago

    I am a reader for a long time before I started writing comments. I don’t know why, maybe I’m shy? Hehe. But when you reply to my comments, it really made me smile 🙂 Hindi pala siya suplada. Hehe.

    1. Laureen Uy
      4 years ago

      Ano ka ba! I love replying to comments 🙂

  2. grace
    4 years ago

    i love the color :))



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