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Ready For Summer

Majolica Majorca lip/cheek tint, perfume and mascara
If you haven’t heard about this brand, well, I’m introducing it to you now. It’s under the Shiseido company, meaning its products are very asian friendly. Aside from the classy packaging, their products are WOW- and good news? They’re more affordable than my other make up products.

Pop Phone and Mili Power Bean
I finally gave in to this craze and got a pop phone, you connect  it on your phone, laptop, etc if you have someone to talk to. It’s really a cute accessory!! Plus, I can’t wait to try this useful power bean portable charger. I always have to charge my three times a day (mobile addict lang) so this will be my savior! The design is neat too so you won’t have annoying cords showing. And if you’re ready to go to the beach, you have to have this.

Avon Simply Pretty lipsticks/eyeshadow cream-liner
Very bagets lang ang packaging! I love their shades of lipsticks- it screams out “young” and “fresh”. The shades are perfect for summer! Their two-in-one cream eyeshadow and liner is the best! I always bring make up with me and my bag becomes heavy, so this is really a winner!

Cole Vintage gold flats, Sugarfree studded flats, Soleil striped flats
Giving you options on what flats to wear if you’re glam, edgy or sporty.

Magic Potions foundations/cream
Get these now before they run out. These are specially made for summer time (or people who live in tropical countries)!
1. Summer Luminiser– it can be used as a make up base it and it’ll make your face glow because of it’s pearly shimmer.
2. Summer Trio BB cream– what I really need. It’s for people who have dry skin.
3. Summer Teen BB cream– for oily and acne prone skin. Pang age natin! Bagets lang!
If you use BB cream, you really don’t have to put foundation or powder during normal days- what a winner! BMS.

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