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My ultimate aspiration is to always dress up to date, stylish and tasteful- well, at least I try my best to do so. Whether it’s casual, classy, semi-formal or elegant, you can never go wrong with a rainbow-inspired outfit. It’ll definitely make your mood extra jolly too! I love the fact that Apartment 8 has this one shoulder dress that makes me feel so comfortable- and it’s neon too! Sheer + one shoulder + Neon = happiness for me.

Anyway, I guess you’re wondering how I did my hair like this. This is another hair tutorial for you guys! I’m super proud to share this Pinkbox donut bun. It really makes your hair look like you just got out of a salon. You guys might think it’s really hard to achieve, but let me show you how you can manage to do this in just less than two minutes.

1. Tie your hair in a ponytail.

2. Get the Pinkbox donut bun and thread it over your ponytail.

3. Fan your hair around the donut bun and loop a second hair and tie over the bun.

4. Hold the excess hair under and tuck with pins.

TADA! Super easy right? And it really looks amazing too! I love this donut bun invention! Hahaha. BMS.

Pink Box donut hair bun 
Hailey & Five accessories 
Apartment 8 dress
Pierre Hardy bag 
Pinky Toes heels

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