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Postcards from Tokyo

So technically, I only had two days in Tokyo to go around since I arrived late afternoon during my first night and had to leave really early on my last day. Since my first day was spent in Nihonbashi and Harajuku, I wanted to go somewhere more ancient on my last day there. I’m so happy Camille and Tricia were also game! We planned the whole morning to ourselves. First on our list: Senso-ji Temple, also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple. It’s Tokyo’s oldest temple located at Asakusa and it was definitely worth the visit.

After seeing Hanok Village in South Korea, whenever I’m in a new country, I always make sure to see their traditional venues because the feel is so different and the architecture is really unique. I feel like there are so much stories I’ve yet to learn about this place. Walking along Asakusa, I spotted this. It’s called jinrikisha (man-powered vehicle) and they can tour you around the city.

On our way to Senso-ji Temple, we passed by an area wherein all the shops looked really traditional. Super cool!!! I wish all the shops looked like these.

Before reaching the temple, you’ll pass by a lot of areas. This one is called Nakamise shopping street. It’s filled with stores on the side selling souvenirs and local items. One of their famous items are folding fans. If you’re there, you’re really bound to buy something! Good thing I stopped myself because once I shop, I can’t stop! Uyyy, rhyming.

At Nakamise with Tricia, Camille and our new friend who’s an Indonesian beauty blogger, Stella.

Yey! we’re near Senso-ji Temple! I must say, my parents must’ve loved all my temple Instagram photos because when they visited Japan after my trip, they went there too!

So many people!!! Since Senso-ji Temple is a very popular tourist place, a lot of people really go to take pictures, try the street food, shop, observe and pray here. I was just lucky to snap a photo while there weren’t a lot of people in front of me.

After visiting Asakusa, we dropped by Shinjuku Gyeon Park and I was determined to see a Sakura tree. I can just imagine how beautiful this park would be during spring.

Beautiful sakura.

I am in love with parks. I love walking around, checking out different kinds of trees. How perfect would it be if I can just have a picnic under a tree and just eat, drink, read a good book and spend time with loved ones here.

After visiting Shinjuku Gyeon Park, we went straight to Yoyogi National Gymnasium to attend Tokyo Runway. We did everything in one day: go to traditional Senso-ji Temple, visit Shinjuku Gyeon Park and embrace nature then go to Tokyo Runway to see their latest fashion trends! Yes, we’re versatile like that! Tokyo Runway is one of Tokyo’s biggest fashion shows and they always have tons of celebrities/influencers as guests for their show. So sad I wasn’t able to take photos during the actual fashion show, we weren’t allowed to take photos and I was beside a girl who happened to work there so walang takas!

After Tokyo Runway, we went to Shibuya. I’m not going to leave Japan without seeing this famous place! It’s known as one of the fashion centres of Japan, especially for young and hip people. I was able to see the statue of Hachiko, the dog who stayed in this exact spot to wait for his master until he passed away. If you’re a dog lover, I’m sure you know Hachiko.

Shibuya’s scramble crossing. It’s located in front of Shibuya Station Hachiko exit and is probably the busiest intersection ever! It stops vehicles in all directions so all the people can swamp the entire intersection. I don’t think this street ever gets empty.

And I can’t let the night pass without having a photo in the middle of the intersection. It seemed impossible at first, but after doing it over and over again, I managed to get some good shots! Woot! I think Cams took this photo when the lights turned red so there weren’t a lot of people walking anymore. Can I just add, there were also a topless guy on my left side making a music video while we were posing for this shot! Yes, Shibuya street is really wanted.

I also had to try Purikura photo booths- I heard they can make you look perfect! Seriously, these booths does wonders to your face! They can brighten it, soften it, make your eyes bigger, add eyeliner, make your cheeks blush, and more! We tried three photo booths but I loved “Beauty Addict 2” the most.

Making this blog post made me miss Tokyo even more. Thank you so much METI and Google Japan for inviting me to Tokyo so I can personally try project 100 Tokyo. Being a first timer in Japan, I know I have yet to see so many cool places and popular spots, but this will do for now. I had the time of my life and learned so much about Tokyo. I feel like I spent five days in Japan because I did so much in a span of two days. For those of you who are planning to go to Tokyo, check out 100 Tokyo so you don’t have to worry about where you’ll be going and what you’ll be trying. I’m actually planning to go back late this year or early next year, so I’ll definitely be checking their website to visit the other places I haven’t seen yet. Tokyo, I’ll be back for sure. BMS.

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