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Postcards from Kuala Lumpur

MTV Asia and Aloft Hotel Kuala Lumpur gave their time to us bloggers and toured us around their lovely hotel. I knew they had super fast wifi and I really love the interiors, but after checking out their facilities/ rooms and knowing the perks when you stay there, I just fell in love with the hotel. Here we are being briefed on what we’re about to do for the day.

They have billiard tables at the lobby so people can enjoy their stay more.

Not only that… they also have computers (Apple pa, ang sosyal!) so you can enjoy their free and fast wifi. It’s really ideal for people who always use the internet!

There’s more! They also have the game “Just Dance” right across the elevator so in case you want to play and lose weight, feel free to do so! I’m addicted to this game so I found myself stopping and playing before I go up to my room. If only this can be my house! Hahaha. Seriously though, don’t you just want to stay in Aloft Hotel?

Love this artwork. Can you guess who they are?

After checking out the lobby, we went to see their rooms. Each room has different inspirational quotes. This one’s my favorite!

Love the rainbow-colored hallway lights. It’s so pretty and bright! Aloft Hotel really made sure to make everything fit to its theme.

Every room has a different message/ quote on top of the bed board and they really hired interior designers to make them. What I love most about their rooms is their black out curtains. You can just sleep all day and not know it’s already day time! Ideal for people who just want to sleep all day.

Aloft Hotel’s suite. It’s one of the chicest lofts I’ve seen- and the price is not bad either!

My favourite area- the pool side. OMG. I can just stay here everyday and swim, relax with a really cool mango shake and just forget about the world for awhile.

After our hotel tour, of course we just had to try their amazing dishes at The Nook (their food floor). These dishes were actually served at their 2013 Malaysian International Gourmet Festival. I’m sure you can tell by their serving presentation. For the appetizer, we had the smoked scallop umai sushi, duck confit with pomegranate and yogurt sphere.

For the main course, we had sarawak lobster and abalone laksa with organic soba noodle. It was so good. Seriously, it’s a must-try! I’m not a fan of laksa but I was blown away when I tried this dish.

Dessert time! My weakness!! My first time trying Ais Kacang. Taste- check! Presentation- check! Gone in 5 minutes- check!

After lunch, we had a free afternoon so I went around the city. When I came back to the hotel to rest, I found this letter lying on my bed. I swear, MTV Asia and Aloft Hotel are the best!

With the MTV Asia/ Aloft Hotel/ Bloggers group! I love meeting new friends. I was also able to grab a few drinks with VJ Hanli who’s such a sweetheart! I love her to death!

I spent my Sunday enjoying nature’s beauty and spent the afternoon at Lake Gardens.

Hello Twin Towers.

I really enjoyed my weekend at Kuala Lumpur. Thank you again MTV Asia for flying me to Kuala Lumpur- I got the experience of a lifetime! Seriously, it was such a relaxing and fun trip. I got to meet so many friendly people, I got to stay at Aloft Hotel which I absolutely love and most of all- I got to travel again. More about MTV EMA 2013tomorrow. You can also check out Aloft Hotel and MTV Asia’s online platform HERE. BMS.

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