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Postcards From Baguio

I was greeted by this lovely view during my first morning in Baguio. I arrived in Baguio at around 9pm already so I really didn’t get to do anything anymore so waking up to this view made my morning beautiful right away. We stayed at Baguio Country Club.

Of course, their fruits are so fresh!

I was only there for two days so I had a whole day to go around and explore Baguio- I still can’t believe it’s my first time in this amazing place. I didn’t feel like I was in Manila. The structure of their houses really reminded me of the 90s living in LA. I visited Camp John Hay for a bit since everyone on Instagram told me to.

When you’re in Baguio, you have to try their strawberry taho. It’s something else. I really wish we have this in Manila- it’s so good!

We passed by a park where you can choose a horse you’d want to ride for pictures and the experience. It was really crowded when I came there,I just chose a really nice angle where there were no one but the kid choosing his horse!

After choosing, you can proceed to an area there that’s really meant for walking/ riding the horses! You have someone guiding you the entire time just in case you get scared or uncomfortable.

Before reaching Mines View, I passed by this area where they sell plants, food and other souvenir items.

I love strawberries!!!

When you get to the top, here’s the view in Mines View.

After visiting Mines View, we went to a Botanical Garden. Talk about having a nature tour in Baguio! I really enjoyed everything I did. I’m so used to going to the beach and I can say this is something different- I like it! If you want to escape the hot weather in Manila, Baguio is the best place to go to because the weather there is always so cool and breezy. My two-day trip was short and sweet. BMS.

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