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Pond’s Beautiful Story

I’ve never imagined being on stage with some of the most lovely girls in our country, let alone be part of the event too! A few weeks back, Pond’s gathered all their endorsers from different fields in an intimate event at Manila Peninsula to share their Beautiful Story. Some of the girls are Heart Evangelista, Charlene Gonzales, Cheska Garcia-Kramer and a lot more. When you see these girls, you’d really think they’re perfect. I mean, their skin, complexion, beauty- everything’s just gorgeous, but Pond’s was able to interview each and everyone of their ambassadors (including me) so that we can share our struggles and insecurities and how all these shaped us on how and where we are now. The stories from different Pond’s girl are so inspiring and you will realize that despite imperfections and trials that each and everyone of them encountered, it became their motivation and inspiration on why they are successful on their own field today. The event was beautifully set-up from flowers, tables and stage to welcome the newest Pond’s girl whose beautiful story inspired a lot of people out there. She faces all the trials in her life as motivation to reach her dreams and goals in life. It was also a magical night because all the Pond’s endorsers were complete (what a miracle). Yes, everyone blocked off the days for this special event! Of course, the newest Pond’s girl is no other than Toni Gonzaga and they revealed the HERE. As for the other videos, they’ll be releasing it one by one. Can’t wait to share with you guys my beautiful story! Here are some photos from the event.

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