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Photo Diary: Seoul, Korea

Snippets of our Seoul Korea trip in one post. We went to wonderful places like:

1.  Myeongdong: My gosh! The shopping there is crazy- leave me there for 6 hours and I’ll be broke for sure.
2. Garosugil: It’s like our “Fort” in Manila, said one korean girl who studied in Manila and works there now. The place is absolutely breathtaking. I can stay there the whole day and not get bored.
3.  Dongdaemun, Doota mall and a lot more: An area where all the shopping malls closes around 4am. WOW, right? If you’re a true shopaholic, then you should know this place!

I was lucky enough to meet new friends, like the cast of Wicked who’s there to perform until October! Can I just say, I would love to go back there again. BMS.

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