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Park Güell, Barcelona

Located in the city of Barcelona, Park Güell is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the town. It’s such a surreal feeling for me to see it personally– I remember my sister and her friends did a Euro trip years back when I was still a teenager and they took a photo inside this park. I told myself I’ll save up so I can go there one day… and the day has finally come! Seeing Spain with my besties definitely made my trip more memorable, and I’ll show you exactly what we did on my next few posts but for now, Park Güell is first on my list.

You guys don’t know this, but we actually went to Park Güell twice during our trip because tickets were sold out the first time we went there. I didn’t know that they only sell a maximum number of tickets per hour so we just pretty much roamed around the park/areas that are free during our first visit. So don’t wonder why I have two outfits on this post. Lol. SM Accessories earrings, Storets top, Gucci belt, Louis Vuitton bag, H&M jeans Back in the 1900s, Antoni Gaudi created this miniature city of houses for the wealthy but was abandoned in 1914 because it was a commercial flop. Later on, when Gaudi started creating walkways, a plaza and two gatehouses of his unique style, the city bought the estate and made it into a public park (this happened in 1922). Now though, it costs about 7 euros to enter and it can be more expensive if you want a private tour. You can take the train going here or if you’re a big group, getting a taxi is totally fine too.

Twinning with my bestie Nicole. I swear, we didn’t talk about this! Pwede na rin kaming picnic table guys. Lol. I tried getting a nice picture on the stairs but as you can see, there are just too many people chilling and taking photos too. Still managed to find a good spot. Lol.

If you check the first photo on this post, that’s actually my favorite spot. When you get to the central placa, enjoy the view of the whole city of Barcelona. From the top, you can even see some of the famous landmarks like Sagrada familia, etc.

This is the spot I was telling you guys about. The columns here just made want to visit Barcelona and see its beauty. I’m so happy I was finally able to do it this year. More photos coming soon! BMS.

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