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Paris With My Boyfriend

I think Paris is one of those cities that is a mainstay on every person’s bucket list. And with good reason! My boyfriend and I took a trip to the City of Love, and it was every bit as romantic as they would make you think it is!

Paris is the kind of place where you’d love to wake up early to be a part of the city waking up. It was a wonderful experience to see sights in an unhurried pace, like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Domaine National Du Palais Royal, Musee D’Orsay, and more.

Apart from spending our days strolling through old-world streets and parks, we super enjoyed the food! Super food trip! We had must-haves like crepes, both savory and sweet. Look at the size of these things!

The French really know how to cook, and they have a cafe culture that I wish we had back home: spending mornings having brunch, while people-watching over a cup of coffee.

My friend Millie Q, who has been based in Paris for a long time, took us to her favorite cafe.

I’ve been to Paris before, but it was usually for work. This is the kind of place where you really need to have a relaxed mind and immerse yourself in the culture to fully appreciate the sights. And I’m so glad that Miggy was my travel buddy for this trip.

Our days were spent eating, shopping, going to museums and national landmarks, and more.  

You can check out what happened during our Paris trip over on my vlog:

After Paris, we took a train to Amsterdam, and that was a whole new adventure! Stay tuned for my next blog on this. x

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