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Pantene Sway

If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, you’ll notice that I’m not very experimental when it comes to hair styles- it’s always just up or down. When it’s up- it means i’m having a bad hair day. It’s that day when I feel that my hair is not as lively or that it’s weighed down. And when it’s weighed down, it’ll look (and feel) heavy/ limp. Hair is very important to when it comes to outfit shots too, because it will look obvious when your hair is lifeless. You know the saying, “pictures are worth a thousand words” – and they really do. If you feel that your hair weighs you down, then you won’t be confident. And if you’re not confident- the entire look and feel will not work. If you’ve noticed my hair styles below, I’ve tried on different colors and styles, and that’s how I am with shampoos. When I tried Pantene Nature Care– I noticed that my hair became more alive.

I’ve tried moisturizing shampoos that weighed my hair down and believe me- it doesn’t feel good. Healthy hair is very important because the face and hair are the first things that get noticed when you get introduced to people. Good thing I discovered healthy hair that’s full of life with Pantene Nature Care. There are actually two kinds: Pantene Nature Care Smoothness and Life and Pantene Nature Care Fullness and Life. Just by hearing the names of the products, you’ll know for sure that the end goal is to have hair that moves with life.  Like Angelica Panganiban, I choose to have hair that sways with life because when I walk out the door, I always meet new people and take outfit shots. It really helps complete my overall look. It’s also easier for me to choose what I’ll be wearing because I don’t need to make an effort to tie my hair or bun it up because it’ll look perfect the most when it’s down. Whether you want hair that sways with life or hair that bounces with life- it’s possible with Pantene Nature Care. If you want to know more about different sway and bounce looks, visit Pantene’s Facebook Page. #PanteneSway

P.S. If you like hair that bounces with life better, visit the blog of my friend Kryz Uy.

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