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Honestly, I think summer is the best time of the year- I’ve established that when I got sick traveling during winter season last year. This was the perfect day to wear a breezy dress. and I wore it when I hosted a short segment for Vaseline a few weeks ago. People often tell you to wear white during summer just so you’ll feel fresher and less sweaty. They say the darker the color, the more energy is absorbed. It’s really true though that wearing black attracts more heat, so I’ll make sure not to wear dark colored pieces this summer. For sure, this beautiful piece of clothing will not only make you look clean, it will actually make you feel fresh too. I always wear floral prints but this dress from Mint Clothing is extra special, because it’s not my normal mini flowery prints- the flowers on my dress are huge orchids, and I’m loving them so much! I think it’s super appropriate for summer. Wear flats and it’s perfect for the beach, wear heels and you’re good to go on a dinner date. BMS.

Also, I just want to congratulate Mint for winning the “Outstanding Filipino Retailers” award last year! Follow them on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.

SM Accessories necklace
Mint Clothing dress
SM Accessories bracelet/ belt
Celine bag
Jimmy Choo heels

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