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BDJ Box Who doesn’t love surprises, right? That’s why Belle De Jour box pleases me with their products. It’s a monthly subscription of a beauty product that they send you in deluxe sample sizes so you can try them out. From there you’ll know if it suits your skin type, skin concerns, lifestyle and budget. You can also choose from their 1 month/ 3 or 6 months subscription. BDJ box allows us to explore and try something new.

So here is what’s inside the box. You really got more than what you pay for. I love the packaging- and aside from all this, I think all girls should have a monthly dose of surprise- and this is the right way. If you check their website, you can also see a lot of beauty ministries and editorials. Subscribe now!

Mirror/ Jewelry cabinet from Vogue Blvd My stuff is a mess and I always can’t seem to find my accessories. It’s too cluttered and consumes a lot of my time untangling everything. Sometimes I can’t seem to find that pair of earrings that go with my necklace and everything just seems to take up most of the personal area because everything’s just scattered. Now I don’t need to worry because this Jewelry Cabinet carries all my accessories. And it’s not just any normal jewelry cabinet, it’s a full length mirror too. When you see it from afar, you’d think it’s just a normal mirror, but once you open it, boom!!! Isn’t this awesome?! One of the best inventions ever!

3-in-1 head/ hotdog pillow and blanket from Vogue Blvd Now that holy week and summer is just around the corner, this pillow/blanket is perfect for long drives and trips if you’re going to Tali, Subic, Boracay, etc. I personally love this because I can use this while I’m stuck in heavy traffic or when I’m in taping. Believe me when I say the blanket is so comfortable is makes me want to fall asleep right away. Plus, it looks like a stuffed toy too. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle with stuffed toys, right?

Power Bank from Vogue Blvd Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, charges their phone at least twice a day. I usually charge mine three times a day. I’m always on the go so I need as much battery on my phone as I can get. Then this power bank should fit the bill perfectly so I can charge two devices at once. Enough juice to charge my phone at least four times. It’s not tiny and too big- just right to fit in my bag.

Aztec screen protectors and casings from May Online Fashion Shop You’d definitely want your phone too stand out, just like how you dress up to be different. May Fashion Online Shop have these cases to proctect our iphones from drops, bumps and scratches but still on its fashionable designs. These aztec casings would look perfect on my phone, especially paired with this clear casing with black edges.

Now, let me introduce to you my new addiction- shopping online at Taste Central. It’s a shopping paradise for everyone and an official retailer of Deal Grocer. It’s a one stop shop that you’ll surely love. Just look how big the package is when it arrived at my place. And it’s so classy too. When you check their website, you’ll truly find it super easy and you’ll probably get addicted too! Everything below is bought from Taste Central:

Belgian Chocolate Polvoron The chocolate’s firm smoothness falls apart at a bite, giving way to a speckle of sweet, powdery, milky delight. Revel in the creaminess, then be surprised at the fragrant pinipig generously scattered within.

Cute tea set!

Nail Polish Estilo set My personal favorite purchase. From P1,134 to P830- talk about saving money! One thing I forgot to mention is they also give you discounts time to time, and if you subscribe and invite friends to join, they give you P500.00 coupon to better enjoy your shopping.

Mouth-watering treats They strive to make sure we simply adore everything we’ll discover on Taste Central – whether it’s world-class furniture, luxury linens, exotic healing oils, kitchen gadgets, womens accessories or epicurean treasures to stock in our pantry. So make yourself at home and shop at Taste Central. BMS.


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