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I love sharing things I like aside from clothes and accessories. Every week, I try to find nice items whether it be make up, something techie, food or just kikay stuff I randomly find and think is worth sharing. Here are some of Collection’s new lipstick shades. I honestly love their bright lipsticks, they really stick so you won’t have to apply every 30 minutes! “8/ Cherry Pop” and “6/Bubble Gum” are my favorite shades.

Balmain sunglasses. Not only are they very useful when the sun’s very bright, but they make your entire outfit look really sleek and chic. They’re both black so it’ll easily match with all my outfits. The left has this glittery effect so when the sun’s out, the reflection’s really cool. The one on the right has this incredible gold detail on the side that makes it look extra stylish. (Available in optical shops like Sarabia Optical in Rockwell, Optical Works in Shoppsville, Casaje Optical in Virramall and a lot more)

Ruby Wings nail polish from Beauty and Butter . These are color changing polishes. They are so amazing! I don’t know how they did it but they change colors under the sun. Beauty and Butter  actually has all the colors you can think of, but I chose these because the tones are perfect for my skin color.

Phonesuit Charger from Thinkscape . They’re probably the sleekest external charger I own. I can’t ever leave the house without bringing a portable charger with me- I think almost everyone can agree with me on this one. People nowadays are so active on their phones, I use mine every chance I get- when I’m in the car, when I’m bored, when I need to answer emails, when I see something worth tweeting/ instagramming… in short, mabilis akong ma-low batt! I love this one because it’s so small and beautifully made. It’s so tiny I can just bring it everywhere, I can even put it in my pocket! It has 2600mAh so I can charge my phone up to 125% and it’s really made for iPhone 5 users (so no need to bring adaptors or anything). I hate the hassle of bringing a lot of wires and cables with me, so this one is perfect. They have this kind for other iPhone models and for android phones too. Love it! You can order them HERE .

Sweet and vibrant cases from I Nako . I’m really a collector of iPhone 5 casings. If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you know that hahaha. These three are something else. I like it because it sort of reflects my personality: colourful. I believe that using these casings will always remind me how beautiful life is and that we should always be positive because life is wonderful. O diba! Casings lang, ang deep pa! Hahaha. But really, I love the designs and the subtle letter “L” on each casings so it has a personal touch. Yes, they do personalised casings. It’s actually a cute gift for your bestie/ boyfriend too! You can play around with the design and put your initials on the casings. Check them out HERE

Beauty products from Tokyo Goods . I can’t wait to use this Beppin Body moisturizer. I researched on it and found out it’s not just for moisturising your entire body- it also helps your skin tone improve significantly! It stimulates the regeneration of your skin. The moisturising agents like aloe vera and soy isoflavone smoothens the rough skin after shaving and it smells like a soft scent of rose too! Now, this Naturactor make up is really gaining popularity due to celebrities promoting these. It covers blemishes like wonders! I’ve seen before and after photos and it’s really amazing. The “Cover Face” (smallest one) can be used as a concealer to cover all the chismis while the powder on the right can be used as your overall powder/ foundation. Naturactor Cover Face is really made to cover all scars, eye bags, pigmentation, etc for your skin to look and feel soft and smooth. It’s very easy to use and is non-sticky too! You can order them HERE.

Tokyo Love Soaps and Baby Foot from Tokyo Goods . I already tried this baby foot and I love it! It’s a mask with fruits acid and seventeen type of natural extracts that you put on your feet for an hour and in a few days it will make your feet remove all the hard skin so your feet will feel soft and look refreshed again! As for the Tokyo Love Soaps, they contain natural herbs to provide intensive care for delicate skin leaving your skin smooth throughout the day. You can order them HERE.

Foundation/ Concealer Duo from Collection. Avoid the hassle of having two separate items and just own this one instead! It’s a 2-in-1 product that can make your skin look flawless without having blemishes and eye bags. You can choose what shade will be perfect for your skin so no worries about looking as white as a geisha. You can also use this multiplier mascara for more volume and definition after you make up’s done.

Kenzo sunglasses. For more experimental/ edgy girls- you will love their collections! I think all their sunglasses are fit for young girls who like funky shades. (Available in optical shops like Sarabia Optical in Rockwell, Optical Works in Shoppsville, Casaje Optical in Virramall and a lot more)

#TeenWeek is Unilever’s advocacy in helping 1 million teens become future-ready and I’m so happy and proud to be part of it! The event will be about influencers talking about their personal experiences about topics we think will help young people out there. There will be activities and booths where you can engage with us so drop by if you can! It’s happening this September 13, 6pm already. Will be announcing the venue on Instagram and Twitter so watch out for it.

Come play with us!!! Goody’s throwing another talk and I’m so excited to be speaking together with my blogger besties. We’ll be sharing some of your secrets so be sure to get your ticket now! There will be a lot of freebies and activities happening so I’m really hoping you guys can go. To be able to attend the talk, all you have to do is buy Goody products (minimum purchase of P350.00) from participating SM Stores in Metro Manila and you’ll have a ticket na! See you all there! BMS.

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  1. Kiara marzan
    4 years ago

    Hi ate Laureen! I’m just going to ask if it ‘s okay to get some of your photos Just fot our project. We should give po kasi ng 20 professionals and i want you to be in my project since you are my idol. So, i just want your permission. But it’s okay naman po if hindi po pwede. 🙂

    1. Laureen Uy
      4 years ago

      Sure no problem! Just don’t forget to credit me 🙂


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