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New In: Hydrating Organic Skin Set

Anybody here who’s a beauty addict too? I was really never a fan of makeup and beauty products growing up because I was surrounded always surrounded by boys (all my cousins who are close to my age are boys) and would always be playing outside with them. During my teenage years, my mom would always tell me to take good care of my skin so I’ll still look young even during my thirties. I never really believed her because every time I would try and use new products, I would easily break out. My skin is very sensitive so I stuck to my old routine wherein I remove my makeup with cleansing oil or just wash my face with water. Now that I’m older, I totally regret it. Lol. My mom was right, maintenance is key— and finding trying out products that would suit your skin will do the trick.

I do have my nightly skin care routine now, but I still like trying new products once in a while. What I noticed with new products is that you have to try it for at least a week or two to know if it really has an effect on your skin. My skin is very sensitive— so the more I try new products, the more I find myself looking at the ingredients. Nothing too harmful, nothing too toxic for my skin. I just recently discovered Derma E, a 100% vegan/ GMO-free skin care line that’s absolutely perfect for people who want to try organic products. It’s cruelty, soy and gluten free so and I decided to try their purifying set. Here’s a step-by-step on how your skin can stay hydrated and pure by using these organic products.

First thing’s first: make sure your hair is all tied up and away from your face.

Step 1: Remove your makeup by using Derma E’s nourishing rose cleansing oil. Pump a dime size on your hand and gently massage onto dry face. This quickly dissolves makeup while moisturising your skin with jojoba and organ oil. After, wipe it using a warm damp cloth or in my case, cleansing wipes. Continue using a facial wash/ cleanser after.

Step 2: If you want to refresh your skin, use the purifying toner mist. It has marine algae extracts and green tea extracts to help boost skin’s purity and resiliency. Just a few sprays will do the trick.

Step 3:  Time to choose if I want to use the purifying 2-in1 charcoal mask or the hydrating clay mask. They’re both masks but have different effects so I went with the hydrating clay mask for now. This is only to be used once or twice a week for that extra freshness. I guess it’s similar to sheet masks as well. Aside from the hyaluronic acid, it also has organic olive oil and cupuacu butter. Leave it on your face for 5 minutes and remove with damp cloth and wash your face after. Look at the towel I used to wipe my face— ang dumi! Lol.

Step 4: Now, I’m sure by now you’ll already feel that your face is a lot cleaner, but we’re not yet done! Apply Derma E’s purifying youth serum that also has the same ingredients as the toner mist to help shield your skin from free radical damage. It can be applied before you put on makeup in the morning for that extra hydration/ dewy look or at night after cleansing and toning. After this step, you can just apply moisturizer and you’re done!

Most girls have more steps on their routine but hey, the simpler the better, right? These products are very light on the face and definitely amazing products to keep your skin really hydrated. No chemicals to make your skin dull, dry, and irritated—now that’s honest-to-goodness skin care.

Derma E is available in all Healthy Options stores. For more information about these products, you can visit their website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook. They also have an event/ workshop happening this September 5 at EDSA Shangri-la Hotel  dedicated to all-natural beauty titled Beautiful Skin at Any Age. The special guest speaker is Dr. Linda Miles, a body care expert and a co-founder of Derma-E. For more information on how you can get tickets, click HERE.

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