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Bracelet organiser from Samutsari. I love being organised. I never got to appreciate jewelry organizers until I saw how neat my room became after all the mess was gone and how cool they actually look once displayed! This one is nice because it actually looks pretty when arranged in your room. Stack up some magazines and put this on top so it looks extra pretty! That way, you don’t have to put them in containers and have a hard time finding your bracelets when you’re in a hurry.

Unique acrylic name tags from Personalized Accessories. Yes, you can create your own words and phrases and they’ll do it all for you. You might think name tags aren’t important- but they are. Let me tell you a story that happened to me during my Sumilon trip. Because I didn’t have any name tag on my luggage (it’s a small violet Rimowa), I got the wrong one and only found out when Philippine Airlines called Blue Water Sumilon Resort to tell me that I got someone else’s luggage. True enough, the girl also didn’t have a name tag and our luggage is the same that’s why we didn’t notice until she came home. I waited for almost 3 hours before I got my luggage back. It’s very nice to have tags on your bags, keychains, luggage, etc. Personalized Accessories are pros when it comes to these things.

Poppy bag cushions. Are you a bag lover? I am and I take care of them like they’re my babies. I hate it the most when I put them in my closet and they get squished and don’t have the same shape when I use them again. I’m so happy I found Poppy! They sell specific bag cushion sizes for almost all kinds of bags! I got some for my Balenciaga, Givenchy Nightingale and Chanel 2.55 bags.

Treat your bags with utmost love. You bought them at a very expensive price, so proper care and conditioning should be done to maintain it’s value. I love that I don’t need to stuff my bags with tissue and papers because with Poppy’s omni-fresh technology, these bag cushions will keep your bags fresh and dry!

I feel like if my bags can talk to me, they’re probably going to say, “Finally! Some comfort! Thank you mommy!” Hahaha. Thanks Poppy bag cushions.

Styl.d Hair Extensions. Want to achieve that beautifully long and thick hair? This one’s your solution! They’re clip ons so it’s so much easier to wear. All their hair extensions are heat resistant so you can curl or straighten them in any way you like. You can even wear it everyday if you want to have perfect hair all day long, just make sure you wash them at least once a week and use a wide toothed comb when brushing it. I find this colour so nice- should I change my hair colour already? Hmm.

Jewelry organisers from Samutsari. If you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you’ve seen these already. I actually fixed my accessories last week and had to Instagram it because it’s really worth sharing. The combination of the colours are so cute and it makes me so happy seeing my room clutter-free.

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