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I got my Glamourbox again last month! Woot woot! I’ve already blogged about them a couple of times before but for those of you who have no idea about it- I’m glad to explain it again. Basically, their website a multi-brand online store that makes shopping very exciting. They have a website where they sell local and international make up, skin care products, nail necessities, tools and a lot more. It’s a premium online beauty shop that only works with good quality brands.

But this Glamourbox “box” is my favorite- if you join their subscription, it surprises you monthly with a box filled with mini beauty items! It’s a new way of discovering beauty products that allows people to try a product before buying the full size. It may look like a simple box but once you open it…

TADA! I love surprises and I love how they don’t tell you what it is so it’s like opening a present monthly. It gets me excited every time! The best part is, you get triple the worth you pay for because the box is very affordable and the items inside are really WOW. You can also start the year with Glamourbox’s special edition Snoe box! No, mine’s not the special edition, I got my own box last month but still, doesn’t it look so beautiful? Subscribe now! You can also check their Facebook fanpage for more details.

Some of my favorite make up from Collection. The holiday season just ended but who says you can’t wear shimmery make up anymore? I love this trio eyeshadow palette that I can bring everywhere and this blush that can be used as contour when you only use the brown tones. I’m also not sure if you guys have seen my video for them already but please watch it below if you haven’t (and still watch it even if you already have hahaha!).

Have you lost your confidence because of acne, dry lips, dark underarms and more? Worry no more because you have these effective products from Skin White Solutions! Their intensive underarm whitening set has a complete solution for your problems and even has a chicken skin eliminator to smoothen and whiten it in two weeks. What you see above is just the toner but the set also includes a cream and roll-on too.

I also got to try this Snow White body set from Skin White Solutions. I love how minimal the packaging is and how amazing the scents of these lotions are. They have the safest ingredients that even kids can use it. It effectively whitens skin and gives it a silky finish. I love how there’s a day and night lotion too. Their lip scrub on the other hand makes your lips red and attractive because of its beads that gets rid of dry and chapped lips.

Skin White Solutions soaps, whitening cream and 8-in-1 scrub. This 8-in-1 advance whitening body set is my favorite and it’s one of their best sellers too! It has the highest and fastest whitening formulation which effectively and safely whitens and moisturises the skin. It evens out the skin tones and can lighten scars and stretch marks. The reason why it’s called 8-in-1 is because it’s made up of 8 whitening ingredients. No wonder why so many people love this product.

This is seriously my savior: Pre-glued lashes from Pink Diamond. Yes, you heard me right, it’s pre-glued so you don’t have to worry about alloting time to put glue on the eyelashes, wait for it to dry and try your best not to make a mistake while applying it. These are super safe and very fast to put on. It’s reusable, durable and light. I fell in love with it after trying it once.

They have different kinds of falsies but my favorite is “lovely”. It looks so natural when worn. I’m so happy I got introduced to this new kind of innovation! Thanks Pink Diamond.

Recently I find myself playing with nail stickers and I love these styles I got from Pink Diamond too. It’s so addicting, actually. I tried the blue one first and it looked like this:

So cute right! If you don’t have time to go to a nail salon just do this. You just cut the stickers depending on the length of your nails, stick them and file them after.

After the blue one, I’m gonna try these after. BMS.

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