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My Secret To Having A Good Night’s Sleep

Whenever my girlfriends come to my place, they always go straight to: 1. My kitchen because they’re always hungry and looking for food and 2. My bedroom because they keep saying I have the best bed ever. For me, choosing a nice mattress is an investment because at the end of your very long and tiring day, you go home looking forward to having the a good night sleep. It’s very important that you sleep well every night so you can feel recharged and energetic the following day. I used to not care about these kind of things until I moved in my own place. My secret to having a good sleep every night? My Uratex Senso Memory Mattress.

There’s an extra foam on top of the mattress and it’s designed to sense your body’s weight and temperature, then gently molds or conform to its specific shape and evenly distributes pressure all over your body. This enables every part and every inch of your body to be supported, thereby easing pressure points and the usual aches or discomfort associated with incorrect sleeping positions. This is the reason why my friends tell me they feel like my bed’s hugging them when they lie down.

It’s sanitized for long-lasting freshness, comfort and protection against bacteria, bad odor, mildew and dust mite. I’m also very particular when it comes to the size of my bed too, so I got the queen-sized bed since I live alone but would still want an extra space in case Nicole sleeps over. Yes, she sleeps at my place all the time lol.

Sidenote: Uratex Soft Escape Hydragel pillows will make you sleep better and it’s the best match for the Senso Memory mattress. It’s the first foam of it’s kind in the Philippines. It increases air circulation for a cooler night’s sleep- up to 3 degrees celsius cooler! It has greater foam breathability and ventilation so you won’t have a hard time relaxing at night.

You can also buy those pillow sprays that help your mind relax more before you sleep. I know it’s available at Beauty Bar! Now you know my secret. The only problem with owning a Uratex Senso Memory mattress is that it’s so comfortable, you’ll end up cancelling your night plans to stay in and just do a TV marathon while having pizza on your side, which really isn’t a bad thing too.

For more information, vita Uratex’s website and follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. BMS.

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