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My Scary After-Party Experience

my scary after party experience

Did you know over 65 Filipino women face assault everyday? Some of my girl friends have already been harassed or pick pocketed in dark places, especially when it’s nighttime and you’re alone on your way home. An empty parking lot could be the most dangerous place for a woman, but this is inevitable especially during late night outs, after parties, and midnight shopping. We all need to learn some basic skills to protect ourselves in times of need. That is why I took up self-defense lessons with my friends last year. I’m no expert but in case of emergencies, at least you know what to do. Preview Magazine released a “Fashion is Power” campaign for women to know how they can protect themselves by using their stylish weapons like bags, shoes, accessories, etc, in times of need. The other personalities who participated in the videos are Georgina Wilson, Ellen Adarna and my sister Liz. Thank you Preview Magazine for including me in this campaign! Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from our shoot. Learn how you can escape danger with your killer fashion sense! Please do watch my video below. We even got a self-defense tutor on set to teach me how to really use this bag and hurt my opponent! Hope you enjoy. BMS.

my scary after party experience my scary after party experience

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