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My Photo Op Weapon

I’ve been getting a lot of emails from my readers asking me what type of camera I use for my blog and instagram photos and I do reply, but then I thought to myself, why not make a blog post about the gadgets I use instead?

People usually think I use a big camera like a SLR but to tell you the truth, I’m all about convenience. Since I travel a lot and bring my camera with me everyday and everywhere, it’s very important to own a handy camera. Also, I tried looking for a camera that’s already WiFi ready so I can easily transport my photos from the camera to my phone in an instant so I got this: Sony A6000. It’s like a digital camera but with interchangeable lens so you can capture photos the SLR way. It’s my secret to having nice and clear Instagram photos.

How do I transfer it to my Sony Xperia Z2? It’s so easy! You can do it in just a matter of seconds. First, take a photo of what you want to post on your social media account. After doing so, press “menu” that’s on top of the screen, go to the wifi icon and click “send to smartphone”.

Select the photo you want to transfer on your camera and then go to Play Memories app (you have to download this application) on your phone and that’s it! It’ll automatically transfer the photos. It’s that easy! Of course, this is when I have time to actually do all the transferring. If I want a fast and easy click, I use Sony Xperia Z2’s camera because they have all the best camera features like manual settings, background defocus (like 50mm lens) which makes the background blurry, time shift burst, social live (where I can do live feed videos synced on Facebook), automatic filters and a lot more.

Now that you know I use a Sony A6000, let me talk about what kind of lens I use. I have three kinds of lens: first, E 2.8/16 lens. I call it pancake lens because it’s so thin. The lens has no zoom in/out and it’s really wide so it captures all my scenic shots.

It’s very convenient to bring since it’s so light and thin. Perfect lens to bring when traveling.

Second: kit lens. This is included with the camera when you purchase it. What I love about it is it has a zoom in and out feature so I can capture nice detail shots of areas even when I’m far away. It’s also very handy for your everyday use.

Third (and my favourite lens): 50mm lens and you can call this the blogger’s bff lens! It has a 1.8 aperture meaning it makes the subject really clear and everything else blurry. I use this camera for my outfit shots and ootds on Instagram.

It’s the heaviest lens I have but it’s still convenient to use, especially in doing my outfit posts. I used my kit lens to take this photo and I’m sure you can see the difference on this photo from all the other photos on this blog entry.

So there you have it! I hope there’s something you can take away from what I’ve just shared. BMS.

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