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My Happy Home

Decorating your place is like dressing up. You buy what you feel is right and what fits your personality the most. I never thought that this time would come, but here I am finally moving in to my new place! Woohoo! I feel like such a grown up. Both my siblings live on their own and I’ve seen them renovate their own places several times and I never really understood why until now. Now that I’m decorating my place by myself (and with the help of my cousin Elle Uy who is an interior decorator), I’ve realized that as time passes by, your taste in everything also grows with you- and what you feel super cool a few years back can be an eye sore now. This saying applies to my style but when it comes to my new place, none of that matters as of the moment because I’m new to this. All I know is that I went to a furniture shop I know that made my heart melt- Heima.

If you’ve read my previous article about Heima (read about it here), you know I got some customised furniture from them and here they are! All their designs are very homey. I know I love neons and brights but it’s also nice to add a bit of femininity in your house just so it doesn’t look too shocking and sore to the eyes. The furniture and home decor I got are something you’ll never get tired of looking and using. I got a couch, a dining table and chairs, office table and chair, side tables, TV console and a lot more from them. Not only that, I was able to buy an owl lamp and this pink vinyl player too. I haven’t fully moved in yet because I’m still fixing a lot of stuff, but I am definitely so excited to live a happy life in my new happy home, thanks to Heima. You can watch my interview video with Heima below too.

For more information, visit Heima’s website and follow them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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