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Be Beach Ready: My 28-Day Diet Plan

my 28 day diet plan

I love food. I can also never say no to sweets- but when I have a goal to be fit, healthy and shed some weight, I try as much as I can to be disciplined to be able to achieve my ideal weight (toned muscles and abs are included in this package too). To be honest, it’s not as hard as you think- as long as you follow these easy steps I made for you.

my 28 day diet plan

1. Don’t deprive yourself of delicious meals. Yes, veggies, chicken or fish with no seasoning and kamote works, but there are also a lot of healthy meals you can make that are delicious and it won’t keep you craving for the things you really want to eat. My favourite salad: greens, quinoa, chicken or fish with a little bit of this roasted sesame Japanese dressing.

my 28 day diet plan

My favourite snack when I’m hungry in the morning or at night. It’s my alternative when I’m already sick of eating oatmeal. Mix two spoonfuls of chia seeds and a cup of almond milk and leave it in the fridge overnight so the seeds can absorb the milk. Mix it with fruits and nuts the next day. Heaven in your mouth. My favourites: banana + almonds or mango + walnuts toppings. Try to google yummy healthy meals and you’ll see a lot of easy to make dishes.

2. Drink lots of water and exercise. Exercise to the max. When you’re at the gym, try playing music that will keep you entertained. I noticed that I jog faster and longer when I play hip hop music! I do boxing and conditioning at Elorde in Pasay road, Makati and they really have good conditioning trainers like Coach Ice, Burns and Alex. It’s also nice to have a gym buddy that will motivate you to push yourself harder- I have Lissa (the ultimate fitness addict) for that. Wearing a wind breaker jacket helps too so you sweat more.

3. Drink lots of tea. If you want a healthy lifestyle, I encourage you to try Flat Tummy Tea. I’ve been drinking it for weeks now and it helped reduce bloating. It also helped improve my digestion! I got the Four Week Fab package and they give you two kinds of teas that you drink: one in the morning and one at night. Drink it for 28 days and it will help you lose the fat in your stomach. Of course, you have to eat healthy and exercise along the way too.

The everyday flat tummy tea is organic. It helps you charge up your immune system and energy levels (super antioxidant) so you can have a full day ahead of you. It also suppresses your appetite. I drink it with my breakfast meal. Use a tea strainer for this. I have a pot just in case I want to drink more than one cup of tea, but I also use this cute little tea strainer if I only want one cup. I got it in Dimensione!

The Flat Tummy Afresh Tea is also organic and it decreases unwanted water retention in your body. It also cleanses your digestive system.

If you follow these three easy steps religiously, no doubt you’ll have a healthy lifestyle and a better body in 28 days! I’ve started already but I can’t seem to say no to sweets. I have to be more disciplined next week! I’m just waiting to get back on track again. Anybody want to join me in my #BalikAlindogProgram? Tara! BMS.

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