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Midas Hotel

Midas Hotel. I’m sure you’ve heard of it before. If not, then I am here to tell you what Midas is all about and why you have to check in and experience it for yourself.

Midas hotel is a 5-star boutique located in 2702 Roxas Boulevard. It’s run by Genesis Hotels and Resorts, same company that handles Bella Rocca and Misibis Bay. So obviously, you know Midas Hotel is a luxury hotel too.

The concierge area. I love how it looks so clean and tidy. And the waiting area is so chill, you can fall asleep while waiting.

Once you enter the lobby, you’ll definitely see the ceiling right away. It’s all covered with these, making the place look magical.

I love this side. The orange boxes reminds me of Hermes- definitely my kind of style.

Before you reach the elevator, say hi to Hermes and Chanel. The interiors of the hotel are so fashion. I wanna bring the bags home with me!!

Welcome to the ladies floor- the 8th floor. They specifically made a floor just for girls. The walls and rooms are more feminine.

A whole area for your vanity/ make up kit.

The couches and wall designs are so nice. If you want to treat your girlfriends on a night of fun and relaxation- this is the place.

Now, welcome to the men’s floor. As you can see, the colors are blue and cream. Hello to Erwin Dona, Peewee Reyes-Isidro and Deal Dozen people!

Their room is more basic and the feel is very masculine.

These are their regular floors (meaning the theme-less floors). Don’t you just love it? Japanese inspired much?

I want to just live in Midas Cafe forever. I kept going back to the buffet area. The food was so delicious.

Thank you so much Midas Hotel and Deal Dozen. The experience was so great, I’m definitely checking in again. To everyone who read my post- if you need a vacation or even just a night of relaxation, go to Midas Hotel. BMS.


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