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Lucerne, Switzerland

After having breakfast at Zurich, we went straight to the train station to go to Lucerne. It only took us about an hour and we were in a completely different city already! Fast, right? Aside from Switzerland being famous for its chocolates and cheese, transportation is one of the main highlights of this beautiful country.

We were able to go around Lucerne for about an hour before going to the museum of transport. We saw the famous Kapellbrucke, the oldest covered wooden footbridge in Europe that’s named after the nearby St. Peter’s chapel.

Here we go!!! I know I know nothing much about cars and transportations, but this museum is going to blow your mind. Inside, they showed us the history of how Switzerland’s mobility progressed and why they’re one of the most advanced when it comes to transportation. They have different floors full of cars, planes, trains and play stations for kids. We even tried some of the interactive games there and all the parents were like “wheat” Hahaha. This place is perfect for people who are curious about mobility and families who want their kids to learn about transportation.

Luckily, we were able to see this project “mission to mars” to be launched this 2020. I couldn’t understand everything but basically it’s a panoramic camera can capture so many things happening in space.

This big truck used to be their supermarket back in the olden days. It would go around villages and they can enter the truck and buy all the stuff they need. Inside, you’ll see food, drinks, cleaning stuff, everything you need inside a house. Cool, right?

Mobility car sharing. I wish we have this in Manila. Basically, it’s an economical car that you can rent all over Switzerland and it’s self service around the clock. You get your own mobility card and that’s what you tap the censor on your windshield on the car you reserved. This is what you use to open and lock your car and you’ll find the keys on the dashboard. So convenient.

The mountains finally decided to show itself! We only did half a day in Lucerne and I still wanna go back here someday. Hint hint Swiss embassy! Lol. New city in Switzerland on my next post! BMS.

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